Saturday, January 19

Blog Beginning

I have wanted to start a blog for a while, but haven't thought my life was interesting enough to blog about. Or, I guess I thought my life was interesting, but didn't think anyone else would. However, now that we are expecting our first baby in two weeks, I think it is important to blog what happens in our family so we can re-live these moments years from now. I want to write down all of the special moments we have with her, as well as post pictures of her as she is growing. I want to do this so I can look back a year or 2 years or 3 years from now and see how much she's grown, and remember the road we took to get there. I also want to do this so her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins can follow her progress - especially since a lot of them live a plane ride away. So, now that the Davis' are adding an extra chair to the table and becoming a party of 3, I hope that you enjoy the ride as much as we will.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks so nice. It looks like you have everything except the baby! We hope you don't have too much longer of bedrest. We're anxious for you not to be too bored and we are anxious to see Charlotte.The idea of the blog is great; we will all enjoy it. Mike says to get ready for the slight discomfort--- as Judd predicts. Love you all!

Pam, Mike, Emily, and Frank

Al & Nina said...

We loved the snow pictures. The picture of your house looks like a Christmas card. We also enjoyed the video of the baby's room. What fun to check in and see the things that are happening. Pam and Mike were with us Sunday and Monday. They met with a builder this afternoon and things are looking good. Love you, Mom & Dad