Tuesday, March 11

First Trip to Pennsylvania

This past weekend, Charlotte and I flew up to Pennsylvania so she could see her Yankee grandparents and great-grandparents. As I said in this post, she was a great little traveler.

We had a wonderful weekend. On Friday, Charlotte was tuckered out from the flight and slept most of the day. Her Aunt Sally and Great-Grandma Achuff were there to meet her. On Saturday Aunt Rachel, her boyfriend, Adam, and her Great-Grammie came for lunch to hang out and spend some time with Charlotte. We had a nice day. I was able to get out of the house a couple of times - to the Farmer's Market with Mom and Sally as well as pick up her birth announcements with Dad.

Sunday, we took a drive to Ned Foltz's workshop. He makes beautiful redware. I have always wanted to see one of his shows, and last weekend just so happened to be his Easter show. So, Mom, Rachel, and I bundled Charlotte up and we went to the show. There wasn't much left as it was the last hour of the show, but it was neat to see the place and eat the yummy food they had out. Ned's wife, Gwen, came up to us and said that she gives a piece of redware to all of the babies to start their collection. It was so nice of her to give Charlotte a little bunny candle holder.

We hated to leave on Monday, but it was very nice to be home to see Judd. (Who spent the weekend in Dublin while we were away!!) Here are some more pictures of the weekend (I'll post more when Dad sends me the pictures from his camera):

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