Sunday, January 18

A nice weekend

We have had a very nice weekend.

Friday night we went to eat with Dave, Erin, Ella, & Emma. As you can imagine, once the twins arrived, our table attracted a lot of attention. 4 adults and 3 high chairs filled with babies under 1 is a lot to manage, but we had fun!

Saturday was my sleep in day, so I took full advantage. We spent the day playing with Charlotte, grocery shopping, etc. All those "normal" family activities. Saturday night Judd's cousin, Jennifer came to babysit Charlotte while Judd and I went out to eat. Jennifer is so wonderful and generous with her time - I think this is the 6th or 7th time she has babysat for us. Charlotte just loves her. If I'm in the room, it is usually a toss up as to whether Charlotte will go to someone she isn't as familiar with - but she always goes right to Jennifer. Judd and I had a fabulous meal at Cakes & Ale in downtown Decatur. He worked a ton before Christmas, and I have been working a ton since Christmas, so it was really nice to relax and be together.

Today was Judd's sleep in morning, and he took full advantage. After we all got up and ready we headed up to the Dawson's to visit Marshall. He is just a doll. Allison and Michael seem like the have it all together. Al looks fabulous and Michael has jumped right in with baby duties. Of course I took my camera. This was my favorite.


This evening Judd put Charlotte's new wagon together. Her Aunt Sally & Aunt Rachel gave it to her for Christmas. We went down the street and back. When I picked her up to take her inside she kicked her feet and started to cry. So, I put her back in and she smiled immediately. (She is quickly learning how to manipulate) As I am always willing to oblige, we went around the col-de-saq a few more times. Needless to say, it's a hit - so thanks Sally & Rachel!



Allison D said...

You are the best...I absolutely love that picture too. It is too sweet.

Love Charlotte in her wagon! She is having so much fun. Marshall has that same one. I can't wait to take him for a spin in it one day.

Love ya.

Aunt Sally said...

I"m so glad she likes the wagon. Thanks for sharing the picture.

Meredith said...

Both pictures are absolutely adorable (as usual!) :)

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

I already commented on Al's site...but great jobs with the photos--Baby Dawson is such a cutie pie!

And I'm excited that Charlotte likes her cousins gave MM one as a shower gift and I can't wait to put her in there!