Saturday, February 28

Poor 'Ol Jody

Yesterday was a rough day for old Jody. We made the decision to have about 5 inches of her tail removed. The end of her tail just wasn't healing, so the vet thought it would be the best thing to do. Since the surgery leaves a much cleaner wound, we'll have an easier time getting it healed - finally.

I have had a love/hate (more towards the hate) relationship with Jody since Charlotte was born. I have seen her as a burden, just one more thing to take care of. She gets hair EVERYWHERE, so I'm always vacuuming. But, this surgery has turned me around. Friday morning when I dropped her off for the surgery, I was wracked with guilt about the decision Judd and I had made. Would I still hear her tail thumping against the doors and walls when she wags it? I had tears in my eyes when talking to the vet about it when I dropped her off. As, much as the dog annoys me, she is SUCH a good, sweet, old dog.

Judd picked her up a little while ago. She looks great, like nothing has happened - and there is still plenty of tail left to wag.

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Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

yay for jody!
and it is so much harder w/a baby and a dog. just to get vivi inside i have to either bundle mm up so i can go outside and yell for vivi or put a fussy baby in the crib. and when it's raining i have to try and clean vivi's feet too! grrrr... but then i see the two of them together and they are just so precious.