Monday, February 8


Charlotte talks a lot. It is not that she has lots of different things to say, it's that she says the same thing over and over and over. I am beginning to understand what people meant when they rolled their eyes and replied, "Just wait til they start talking - you'll want them to shut up" when I mentioned that Charlotte wasn't talking much about a year ago.

Sure, when she says the same sentence - no lie - 25 times in a row - even after I repeat it back to her to indicate that I understood it - or answer her statement - it is REALLY annoying. But, I do love learning about what is going through that little brain of hers. I also like knowing what she wants or needs without having to do too much guessing.

But probably the BEST part about her speech is what happened a couple of nights ago. I was putting her to bed. We had just finished reading books, I turned out the light and she snuggled close. She had her arms around my neck and said, without prompting, "wuv you Mommy." I love you too, baby.



Mel said...

so sweet....

Ariyana sang christmas carols the whole way (an hour and 15 mins) home at xmas..only she only knows about 3 lines and if I tried to put in the rest of the words she would tell me it was not my turn...HA!

I will have to come visit you has been forever since I have seen Charlotte!

Al & Nina said...

"Wuv you Mommy" are the sweetest words ever. N

Sara said...

When I see her playing with Play Doh, I remember how much Grandpop hated the stuff. Somehow, when you guys played with it, it always ended up on the bottom of his shoes. Wish he could play with Charlotte now and get it on the bottom of his shoes. Enjoy the special moments with her.