Saturday, May 10


My mom gave me this book, Hello, Cupcake. It has the most amazing cupcake creations in it. Since I got it Monday night, I have been wanting to make cupcakes. There were a few of good reasons to celebrate and make cupcakes this weekend, Mother's Day, celebrating my niece's birthday (Happy Early Birthday Katie!), and the fact that Ella & Emma are going to sleep in their own crib tonight!! (We're so happy for you D & E!)

Last night while Charlotte was going through her bedtime routine with her old man, I went to the store to get all of my ingredients. I came home, mixed up my batter, and baked my cupcakes. I didn't want to make any of the complicated cupcakes in the book, I wanted to test out their frosting technique. They use canned frosting from the store, put it in a microwave safe bowl, microwave it for 10 seconds so it is thin. Then, they dip the cupcake tops in the frosting so you get a smooth, shiny top. After a little decorating, this is how they turned out:


Sara said...

They are beautiful!! How do they taste? I tried to make my batch of peanut butter with cream cheese but forgot buttermilk! Today, we go to R's to check out the first batch. I am waiting to see you make some of the theme ones.
Happy Birthday to Katie! Welcome home Ella and Emma! What a wonderful Mother's Day.


Emily said...

Thanks for the cupcakes. We had a great time with all of you and we are still enjoying the cupcakes. Charlotte was perfect, and I enjoyed watching Clayton deal with the various bodily fluids that Charlotte sprayed on him. Katie told me that family gives you much better presents than friends do. I'd say her party was a hit.

Al & Nina said...

The cupcakes were beautiful and delicious!! It was fun being with the 3 of you and all of the family as we celebrated Katie's birthday. Charlotte was so good and is such a sweet baby.
I was so pleased to hear the twins are home. Please tell their parents hello for us.
Hope all of you have a good week.
Love, Nina

Terri said...

wow... seriously impressed by those cupcakes, man! I might have to invest in that book!

Mel said...

I love those cupcakes too!!! It makes me want to eat them up.