Wednesday, March 4

Hat & Mittens


I spent the day with Charlotte on Monday. Her daycare was closed. I think they closed because Dekalb county schools were closed. After Judd left that morning, Charlotte brought her hat and mittens to me. I think she wanted to go somewhere - probably to daycare - because she was also pointing at her coat. I explained that we weren't going to daycare today, but I did put her hat and mittens on. I thought she'd want them off after a couple of seconds, once she realized I wasn't going anywhere - but she fought me when I tried to take them of 20 minutes later.


Meredith said...

I swear she is the cutest little girl! Great picture, once again! :)

Sara said...

She obviously is telling you she wants to come and see her Grammie and Granddad!

Shaye said...

I just LOVE that picture!!