Sunday, March 1

A Wonderful Weekend

We have had a wonderful weekend. It started off with dinner with friends on Friday night. Judd's cousin, Jennifer, came over to watch Charlotte. Judd and I met friends in Midtown to eat burgers and tater tots at the Vortex.

Saturday we spent the day hanging out. Charlotte has really taken to walking and walked all over the house. She was in a great mood! She smiled, laughed, and talked all day. The rain broke for a little while and we got to go for a nice walk. After her three hour nap in the afternoon, we got ready and headed over to Dave and Erin's. They generously offered to watch Charlotte for us while Judd and I headed to the Trasher's game. Judd's boss gave everyone on his team tickets for Saturday's game. I felt awful dropping Charlotte off at their house when they already have twins to take care of, but they insisted.

Judd and I headed to Phillip's Arena to watch the Thrasher's. I had a great time. It was fun meeting all of the people that Judd talks about each night when he gets home from work. It is always interesting to see if people look like the image you have created of them in your head. He works with a great group of people - they are all about our age.

Charlotte was good for Dave & Erin (at least that's what they tell us). They said she played with Ella and Emma, but at one point, got her coat and pointed to the door. She had figured out how to get her point across.

We were so lucky to have 2 nights out!!

This morning I made french toast and bacon for breakfast. Then we headed to church. In the middle of the service a little boy sitting in the pew in front of us said, "LOOK, IT IS SNOWING!" We all turned and looked to see huge snow flakes coming down. The inner child in me was so happy to see the snow!

We had a nice day of relaxing indoors, but headed out for a few minutes to feel the snowflakes.






You MUST get that last picture framed! It's gorgeous! I thought little munchkin would love that snow! Michael was up for the funeral and he's never seen it either. He went crazy!

Love you guys,

Meredith said...

GREAT pictures!!! I LOVE the one of Charlotte in the wagon... TOO Cute!!!