Monday, December 7

The Wedding

I spoke to Judd on the phone this afternoon. As we were hanging up he said, "You know people kind of expect a blog post today, right?" I said, "No, I wasn't aware that people were hitting refresh every 30 seconds." He replied, "Well, I have been." Funny thing is - he was there for the whole thing - he knows what happened. And, he knows that I didn't have my camera, so there will be very few pictures.

Rachel and Adam's wedding was fabulous - really awesome. This was the third wedding, the last sister to get married. And you could tell that my parents (and Rachel) had been through this before - it was perfect.

The day was really pretty calm - I think I was probably more flustered than Rachel was. (Judd and I learned that trying to handle a toddler during a wedding weekend isn't for the faint of heart)

As the snow started to fall, the girls all headed over to the salon for hair and makeup. We came back to my parent's house and the waiting began - the few hours until the big moment that creep by so slowly. Rachel handled it really well, she didn't seem nervous at all. Finally things started to get going - dresses were stepped into, necklaces clasped, and lip gloss applied. We were ready - and everyone looked fabulous!

We headed to the church in a limo. Once we got there, Judd and I were ready to hand Charlotte off to the babysitter that my mother hand lined up so we could participate in pictures. However, the babysitter decided not to show up until an hour later - only a half hour before the ceremony. To say I was panicked during that hour is an understatement. One thing Charlotte does not do well is sit still - especially for strangers. And Judd and I were both in the wedding.

The ceremony was lovely. The church was decorated for Christmas and the snow was falling outside. Everything a December wedding should have.

Then it was time to party.

We headed over to the Hershey Country Club and partied the night away. The food was great. The service was top notch. The DJ played an awesome mix of music. Everyone seemed to be in a great mood - just one of those magical nights where everything seems to fall in place. Even Hershey Kiss made an appearance. Charlotte wasted no time getting a hug from Hershey Kiss - I think she hugged him about 500 times.

Charlotte was better than I could have hoped during the reception. She went with almost everyone that wanted to hold her - giving Judd and I much needed breaks. She danced and danced and danced and danced. Finally about 10pm she gave up and wanted "green blanket" and "nap". Judd and I said our good-byes and headed out.

Judd and I drove to Baltimore yesterday to get on a plane to come home. About the time we took off, Adam and Rachel were boarding a plane to Rome for their honeymoon. I couldn't help thinking about Judd and I boarding a plane to Miami for our honeymoon 7.5 years ago. I looked at him and Charlotte sitting next to me and said a little prayer that Rachel will feel as lucky as I do 7.5 years from now.

These pictures are some of the only ones I took the day of the wedding.


Here are a couple I grabbed off of one of Rachel's friend's facebook page:
(we had fabulous red shoes to wear with our dresses, but I could only stand in them for so long.)

The happy couple;


Drena said...

Glad you guys had a great time! I kinda expected a post...I wasn't hitting refresh thanks to google reader, but I was hoping to get the rundown. :)

Allison D said...

Congrats Rachel...and Chuck and Sara! Glad it was a success!