Sunday, January 27

Baby Pool

My family started a baby pool. They all chipped in $5 and picked a date. If the baby is born on the date they chose or before the date and they are the closest, they get the money in the pool. If the baby is born after their date, they are out of luck. Here are the dates:

Grandma Achuff - 2/5
Adam (Rachel's boyfriend) - 1/27
Rachel - 1/25
Grammie - 2/1
Mom - 2/4
Dad - 2/2
Andrew - 1/31
Sally - 1/28

At this point, Rachel is out. Although, I kinda wish she had won :). Adam was convinced that it would be today, he's been saying the 27th for weeks - but as of 10:00am on the 27th, there's no sign of labor. So, next up is Sally - we'll see if she'll be the big winner.

I asked Judd if he wanted to join the baby pool and pick a date - he said that he'd be a winner regardless of the date when she was born, so he didn't see the need to join. What a guy. :)

Wednesday, January 23

Not an "Eggplant Baby"

In an effort to go into labor, I went to Scalinis on Sunday night to have the Eggplant Parmigiana. It is claimed to induce labor within 48 hours. Well, it has been 60 hours, and still no baby - so, we won't have an "Eggplant Baby".

We also thought that since it was a full moon last night we would have had a baby by now, but still no baby. I guess she likes it in there, nice and comfortable and "floaty" as her dad says.

Sunday, January 20

Snow Day

This past week it snowed twice in Atlanta! It snowed on Thursday night with some rain and sleet, and then it snowed again yesterday. Yesterday the snow fell and actually stuck, accumulating an inch or two.

Saturday, January 19


The nursery is finished and ready for the baby. Here's a very grainy video to show what it looks like. I can see that the next item on my list is to learn how to transfer videos to YouTube in better quality.

The mural painted on the wall was done by her Uncle Frank. You can find more of his work, here:

Blog Beginning

I have wanted to start a blog for a while, but haven't thought my life was interesting enough to blog about. Or, I guess I thought my life was interesting, but didn't think anyone else would. However, now that we are expecting our first baby in two weeks, I think it is important to blog what happens in our family so we can re-live these moments years from now. I want to write down all of the special moments we have with her, as well as post pictures of her as she is growing. I want to do this so I can look back a year or 2 years or 3 years from now and see how much she's grown, and remember the road we took to get there. I also want to do this so her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins can follow her progress - especially since a lot of them live a plane ride away. So, now that the Davis' are adding an extra chair to the table and becoming a party of 3, I hope that you enjoy the ride as much as we will.