Monday, October 25

Making the switch

Now that Max is here and we are officially a party of 4 - please update your bookmarks/readers to this blog:

It is currently a work in progress - so bear with me as I get myself and the blog together. I have to admit, I love being a party of 4, but I'm so attached to this little blog - it is making me a little sad to be closing this chapter. I know we are starting a new, wonderful, and exciting chapter over at Party of 4.

I hope you will all continue to follow us over there and leave comments and encouragement as I'm sure I'll need it over the next few months.

If you need a little incentive to click over there - I posted 3 new pictures of Max today. :)

Saturday, October 23

Maxwell Judson Davis

Maxwell Judson Davis (Max) was born last night, October 22nd at 7:03pm.

He weighed 7lbs 15oz and was 21 inches long.

He is perfect and we are all in love with the 4th member of our party.



More details to come when we get home and settled.

Wednesday, October 20

Mani and Pedi

I got a pedicure a couple of weeks ago - it still looked good, so I didn't think I'd need another one before I went into labor. Yesterday, however, I stubbed one of my toes and all of the polish came off. Ugh. The one thing that can look good during labor - your toes. So, since baby brother is still "nice and floaty" I took the opportunity to get a pedicure today. I took my little buddy along with me.

I had heard of a nail salon in Toco Hills that had little kid's chairs for pedicures. So, I asked Charlotte if she wanted to go get her nails painted with me. She was pretty excited about it.

We walked in and picked out our colors. Despite my best attempts to get her to choose something non-neon, she picked neon orange.

They put her in the little chair that looked like a teddy bear and turned on a movie for her to watch. Then, I sat in the chair next to her.

She was SO GOOD! She sat there super still the entire time her toes and nails were painted. She loved soaking her feet in the water and having lotion rubbed on her legs. They only had to repaint one of her thumb nails - I thought that was pretty good for a 2.5 year old.

I love this little girl more than words can say. I am so happy we had this special time together today and I look forward to many more manicures and pedicures with her.


Tuesday, October 19

Friday, October 15

Conversations with Charlotte

Lately we have been listening to Veggie Tales in the car. Charlotte LOVES it and I welcome the change up from our usual CD rotation. There is one song on the CD and the refrain is "OH, how I love Jesus because he first loved me". Charlotte can't sing all of the words to all of the songs - some of them are a little complicated, but she knows this song and can sing that phrase. I'm not sure I've ever heard anything sweeter in my life than her little voice singing "OH, how I love Jesus because he first loved me".

On Wednesday we were in the car on our way to story time. That song came on and she sang it. When it was over she asked:

"Mom, when will I meet Jesus?" (She calls me "mom" now a lot - not sure how I feel about it yet)

Me : "Well, honey, none of us know for sure when we will meet Jesus."

Char : "But, I will meet Him one day?"

Me : "Yes, I hope that you will"

Char : "How will I know how to get there?"

Me : "You don't have to worry about that, He'll show you the way"

Are 2.5 year olds supposed to ask questions like this? It totally hit me off guard and threw my very emotional pregnant self into a total meltdown.

The innocence just knocks you off of your feet.

Wednesday, October 13

Tuesday, October 12

Now that was cool

See all of those groceries in the back of my car? I didn't have to step one foot out of my car to get them. The Publix at Toco Hills has a curbside program! I tried it for the first today - and it is awesome.

I have been wanting to try this service for a little while. Publix only has two stores nationwide that are doing this pilot program and the Publix a few miles from us happens to be one of them. Since my back has decided to act up every time I walk more than 10 minutes, I decided I would try out the new service.

Last night I made my list and sat down to order everything through It took a while, but now that I have my initial list set up, I think the next time will take about 10 minutes to do. I picked the time I wanted to come pick up my order. (You have to give them at least 4 hours, and you have to order by 4:30pm if you want same day pick up.) I set my time for 9 AM, right after I drop Char off at school.

This morning I got a call from my "personal shopper" saying that a couple of the items I wanted were out of stock and asked what substitutes I wanted. Then, at 9AM, I pulled up to the store and he came out to greet me. He asked if I had any coupons - which I did! - and went in to run them through. Then, he came out with my total and I handed him my credit card. He pushed a cart out of the store and loaded up the back of my car. I didn't have to get out once!

I was a little nervous to unload the groceries - I knew that this would be too good to be true, and that there would probably be a mistake or two. (just call me a pessimist) My carton of eggs had a couple that were cracked. The chicken I ordered was wrong - I guess they were out of Greenwise Split Chicken Breasts - but he threw in two extra packs of chicken - so I ended up with $7.00 of free chicken. It is thighs and breasts with ribs - which I never use, but I'll look up a recipe. I ordered a couple of things incorrectly because I couldn't see the product on the shelf - but they will still work.

All in all it was a great experience - and the first time you do it, it is free. After this, I'll have to cough up $8 for the convenience - which is more than I'll want to spend to do it weekly. But, I'm sure when the baby comes and it is freezing outside, I'll do this at least a couple of times a month.

Now, if only my personal shopper would come home with me, carry all of the bags into the house and put it all away. Asking too much?

Monday, October 11

Our Weekend


We had another relaxing weekend this past weekend. Saturday morning we hung around the house for a long time, then headed over to the Oakhurst Arts Festival. They had a great area set up for kids with lots of free activities - the highlight for Charlotte was making a peanut butter and Ritz cracker spider.

Saturday evening we headed to the park and met up with the Himes family. After a picnic dinner, the girls played ball with their daddies and then played at the playground.

Sunday morning, Judd was nice enough to take care of Charlotte so I could rest a little while. He took her over to our favorite bagel place to pick up some bagels. I had a few minutes to lay on the couch and watch the news - quite the luxury. We then headed to church and taught Sunday School.

After Sunday School, we picked up some chicken from Publix and met Judd's parents back at our house to celebrate his Dad's birthday. To say Charlotte was excited to see her grandparents would be a huge understatement. As usual, there was a present or two for her - one of which was a pumpkin flashlight. I don't think she has put it down since she opened it.

We went over to PDK to play on the playground on Sunday afternoon - but since it is 86 degrees in October (the most FRUSTRATING month in Atlanta - you want it to be Fall and it just refuses to be!) we didn't last too long.

Not too much going on this week. I had a doctor's appointment this morning and haven't budged a centimenter - still 1cm dialated. So, I guess this little guy is in it for the long run. I was pretty discouraged. I know I still have 2 weeks technically - I'm just SO ready to not carry this weight around.

Here's a picture of Charlotte's new big girl bed. This is a pretty cool bed that used to be in our office, but we moved it to Charlotte's room to make room for baby brother. It pulls out to be a king sized bed if we have guests. After 2 or 3 nights of hearing a loud thud followed by crying, we bought a rail to put up so she wouldn't fall out anymore. She seems to like the bed and it fits perfectly in her room.


Friday, October 8

Baby Brother's Room

I'm not sure it really matters what his name will be, I think we are so used to calling him "baby brother", that he will always be "baby brother".

This room has been a long time in the making. We converted our home office to the nursery. Do you remember the post I did that showed the office closet? All of that - even though relatively organized - had to find a new home. Either in our house or someone else's. We started with a garage sale, that got rid of some of it. After that, I had to rearrange all of the other closets in our house to try to find some room. It seemed to take forever.

We moved our office downstairs to a "sunroom" area off of our kitchen. I say "sunroom" in quotes because it is probably only 3 ft by 4 ft, but it fits a desk and a bookshelf perfectly. Not much privacy, but it will work for now.

As soon as the the doctor said, "It's a boy", we knew we would do an airplane theme. Judd loves airplanes, airlines, anything aviation related. He knows the ins and outs of the industry - not just because it is his job, but because he is truly interested in it. You can ask him anything about it.

Pottery Barn just so happened to have their airplane bedding go on sale the week we found out the sex for sure - so we jumped at the chance to buy it. Then, my mom made a curtain for us to match, Judd's mom bought us the airplane mobile, and my Grammie bought us the airplane lamp. My sister and her family bought the vinyl decal for above the crib. It was all coming together.

We ended up moving Charlotte's furniture into the nursery. Then, she got the big trundle bed we had in the office and a new dresser to match it. (I have pictures of her room to post later)



We had much different plans for this wall just earlier this week. We had pictures hung and everything - but it really looked like a wall made for a Delta executive's office, not a baby boy's room. So, I did a little research and found this idea. Does it work?




Now all we need is a little boy!!

Wednesday, October 6

Sunday, October 3

Just the 3 of us

We are wrapping up a wonderful weekend - a weekend that we tried to concentrate on fun and being a little family of three.

I had an early morning photography session, then I met Judd and Charlotte at a "rescronk" to eat pancakes. After breakfast, we headed down to Delta headquarters to attend an airline memorabilia show. We were looking for a few last things to decorate the nursery with. Charlotte had a good time pretending to fly to Grammie's house on the Spirit of Delta.

Saturday evening we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather. We picked up some sandwiches and headed to the park for dinner. We had a really nice picnic, then played ball, explored, and Charlotte played on the playground. It was a beautiful evening - the weather was perfect. Ice cream on the way home was a great way to end the day.

Today Judd and I taught Sunday School. After Sunday School, the three of us headed up to Jaemor Farms to pick out a pumpkin. We have gone to Burt's the past couple of years, but wanted to try something new and a little less hectic. Jaemor was perfect! You actually get to walk into the pumpkin patch where the pumpkins grow and cut your own pumpkin. If you don't want to actually pick your pumpkin from the patch, you can pay $3 to just take pictures. We found a great pumpkin and Judd cut it for us. After the pumpkin patch, we took a hayride - and we didn't even have to wait in line! Charlotte spotted the ponies next, so we bought her a ride on a pony named Oreo. She didn't last very long on it, though - she wasn't too sure about it.

We stopped at the store on the way out and picked up some apples, apple cider donuts, and two baby pumpkins - one for Charlotte and one for baby brother.

I couldn't help but get teary eyed a couple of times during this weekened thinking about the changes ahead of us. Of course I can't wait to meet the fourth member of our family - our little man - and I know he'll fit right in. But, I can't help but feel myself holding onto these last days of us as a family of three - a special time that I'll never forget. Just as I'll never forget the wonderful years that it was just 2 of us.