Friday, October 15

Conversations with Charlotte

Lately we have been listening to Veggie Tales in the car. Charlotte LOVES it and I welcome the change up from our usual CD rotation. There is one song on the CD and the refrain is "OH, how I love Jesus because he first loved me". Charlotte can't sing all of the words to all of the songs - some of them are a little complicated, but she knows this song and can sing that phrase. I'm not sure I've ever heard anything sweeter in my life than her little voice singing "OH, how I love Jesus because he first loved me".

On Wednesday we were in the car on our way to story time. That song came on and she sang it. When it was over she asked:

"Mom, when will I meet Jesus?" (She calls me "mom" now a lot - not sure how I feel about it yet)

Me : "Well, honey, none of us know for sure when we will meet Jesus."

Char : "But, I will meet Him one day?"

Me : "Yes, I hope that you will"

Char : "How will I know how to get there?"

Me : "You don't have to worry about that, He'll show you the way"

Are 2.5 year olds supposed to ask questions like this? It totally hit me off guard and threw my very emotional pregnant self into a total meltdown.

The innocence just knocks you off of your feet.


Sara said...

I showed the conversation to one of my co workers. She was blown away by what Charlotte asked. But, she was really impressed with how you answered. So sweet and one for the memory book.

Al & Nina said...


lilly said...

Carrie: This is the sweetest!I want to write more about this later. Grandmother D.

Unknown said...

Love it...

Inkspot Workshop said...

Yes, the whole "mom" thing hurts, Nathan started than last year I belive, closer to 4. Nathan also thinks Jesus is a baby and he knows more about the bible than I do so I plan on sending him to your house when he has more questions;)