Tuesday, June 29



A couple of months ago I asked Charlotte if she wanted her toenails painted. She said, "No, I wanna keep them white." She noticed immediately when I got home from the girls trip this past weekend that my toenails were now pink. (we got pedictures on the trip)

Yesterday I asked her again if she wanted me to paint her toenails. She said, "YES!" and ran upstairs. She picked out red. She sat so still as I clipped her little nails, filed them just a bit, then painted a very thin coat of paint on. She was so proud of her toenails.

She was very upset when most of the polish had worn off after being in the pool today. So, I touched them all up for her. I may have created a monster!

Monday, June 28

Girl's Weekend

Oh how I love girls weekend! I was really ready for it. I needed a break. This whole stay at home mom thing is AWESOME - don't get me wrong, but I deserve a vacation every once in a while, right?

Erin, Drena, Melissa, and I drove to N. Myrtle Beach on Thursday evening arriving a little after 1AM. Molly and Meghan got there Friday afternoon.

We spent some time on the beach, ate some good meals, shopped, slept, talked, and talked, and talked. It was wonderful to catch up with everyone for an extended period of time.

I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends in my life - people that I feel myself around. We joked after seeing a group of very leathery, bleach blond ladies on the beach that "that would be us in 20 years". While, I hope I'm not leathery or bleach blond in 20 years, I do hope that we will be together for at least a weekend a year that far down the road.

Judd and Charlotte had a great weekend together. They went to the lake and stayed with Judd's parents late Friday afternoon coming back Sunday morning. Charlotte rode the jet ski, fed the fish and the duck (no longer plural, poor ducks), swam in the pool, and swam in the lake in her underwear (I have joked about the swimming hole at the lake being the redneck yacht club, I guess Char was just trying to fit in?)

Not that I didn't expect him to, but Judd thoroughly enjoyed the 1 on 1 time with his girl. He beamed about the weekend the entire evening on Sunday and couldn't stop talking about how wonderful she was.

It was back to life as usual today. Cleaning, organizing, cooking, wiping messy faces - and wiping the other end. Throughout the day I would remember one liners from this past weekend and just chuckle to myself. Thanks girls!!

Thursday, June 24

A few things

Judd and I exchanged anniversary cards on Tuesday evening before heading out to dinner. I opened mine and kinda giggled. He opened his and just laughed. We got each other the SAME card. The weird thing was when I was picking mine card out, I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be funny if we got the same card?" I guess we are pretty in sync!


On Monday night, Judd, Charlotte, and I ended up in urgent care. Judd helped Charlotte off of our bed by holding her hand as she slid off of the bed. He said he felt a little pop and Charlotte immediately started to cry. She whimpered about her arm for a little while, but I thought it would be better if we could just distract her. But a little while later it became obvious that something was wrong. Poor Judd felt horrible.

We took her up to CHOA off of Satellite Blvd. She was such a brave girl and didn't shed a single tear as the doctor popped her little elbow back into place. Judd and I were very proud of her. She happily took the popsicle that they gave her and we made our way home.

3. I'm headed out of town to Myrtle Beach to spend 3 days with some fabulous friends! I'm going to miss my little fam - but I'm ready for a little break from mommy duties. I know Char will be in great hands with her Daddy and grandparents.

Tuesday, June 22

8 Years

Wow, time flies when you are having fun! I can't believe it has been 8 YEARS since that day. The day I married my best friend.

Look how innocent and naive those two look standing by the arch. Their whole lives laying out before them. Not knowing that in 8 years they would have had numerous jobs, no jobs at all, a crazy and beautiful 2 year old girl and a little boy on the way. That they would have been living in the same house for 7 years. (this still baffles me - this is the longest I have ever lived in one place!)

That they would love each other more than they ever thought possible.

Monday, June 21

Decatur Beach Party

I have wanted to attend the Decatur Beach Party since we moved here. Decatur closes down a section of Ponce De Leon and covers it with sand. Everyone brings buckets, shovels, and other sand toys to play. There is a band, inflatables to jump in, fun food, etc.

This year Erin and I talked Dave and Judd into taking the girls. Despite the heat and sticky, sticky sand stuck all over us, we had a great time.

It was CROWDED on the sand. We had about a 1'x 1' area to squish into.




After playing in the sand for a while, we headed over to listen to the band. It was a group of guys singing kid's songs - and the girls loved it. They jumped and danced all around.


I think there was enough sand in our car afterwards to have our own beach festival next year.

Sunday, June 20

A Great Father & Partner


Yesterday morning was a little rough for me. All I really wanted to do was have a few minutes to myself in the morning. However, Charlotte woke up in a wretched mood so I ended up getting her out of bed and taking her downstairs at 6:45 AM. (I had been up since 5:30 AM anyway - this pregnancy insomnia thing is already kicking in)

As soon as I get downstairs I see that the dog has pooped all over the floor. (She's 10 and I think starting to lose it.) Awesome. I get that cleaned up and kick the dog outside. Charlotte refuses to go potty, so I try to get her to eat some breakfast. Judd comes downstairs.

As soon as I get Char settled at the table eating her breakfast, I go upstairs to try to have a few minutes to myself. I close myself into the bathroom. I just need to have a few deep breaths before I totally lose it. I hear little feet. She starts banging on the door wanting to know what I'm doing. This makes me actually lose it. All I want is to have some time. Then I hear something that sounds like liquid hitting the floor. I know immediately that she has just had an accident. Now she's crying, I'm crying. I get to clean up a potty mess for the 2nd time - and it's only 7:30 am.

After we are all calmed down and she plays quietly with her wonderful Daddy for an hour, I feel together enough to take her to the mall to pick out Judd's Father's Day present. We do that and then head to a birthday party.

After the party, I'm tired - she's tired. We are on each other's nerves. She's tired of being with me - and I can not wait for her nap. She wakes up really cranky from her nap and I look at Judd and tell him that I don't think I can make it through the afternoon. I can't handle more battles, negotiation, and tantrums. I start to tear up again.

He goes into her room and in between her sobs I hear her giggle. I go into her room and see him jumping around with her jean skirt on his head, a purse hanging from his ears, her sunglasses around his neck and he is singing some song about poopy and pee. I start to laugh a much needed laugh. He looks ridiculous. She starts to laugh. He convinces her to run to the potty and put on her bathing suit to go to the pool.

I gave him one of the biggest hugs I've given him in a while. When I don't have the patience or energy to see beyond the next 5 minutes, he is there to jump in. All he wants is for his girls to be happy. He is such a brilliant Daddy and wonderful partner.

Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 18

Because I Don't Want to Forget (Volume 2)

I feel like each new age Charlotte grows into is my favorite - but almost 2.5 is hysterical. Sure, it has it's challenges - she is trying to become more independent and thinks Doritos is an awesome breakfast - but overall she is this amazing, very funny, good little girl.

1. She tells me, "Don't worry 'bout it, Mommy". The funny thing is, she uses this phrase in the correct context each time. So, if she is eating chalk or paint or something and tell her no, she says, "It's Ok, don't worry 'bout it Mommy"

2. Each night before she goes to sleep or every afternoon before her nap she wants to know what we are going to do when she wakes up. The process of explaining takes about 5-10 minutes before she is satisfied with what we are going to do.

3. She has a funny new dance.

4. Yo Gabba Gabba is hands down her favorite show - Judd and I have seen each episode 100 times and are pretty ready for the writers to come up with some new ones. We have at least 4 episodes recorded at all times. When she wants to watch one she asks which ones we have. I read the titles to her and she picks which one she wants.

5. When it is breakfast or lunch, she always wants to "hear her choices" as to what she can have to eat.

(choices are a big thing in her life right now)

6. When asked what Daddy does at work she says, "make money". (right on, baby!)

7. She is very aware that her "baby brother" is in Mommy's tummy. She talks about him every once in a while. If only she really knew what all of this meant for her.

8. She has some pretend friends that come with us places, or just show up places. The most popular is "Pretend Marshall". However, it is not uncommon for "Pretend Ella", "Pretend Emma", or "Pretend Oliber" to be around.

She is growing before our eyes every day. Judd was gone for under a week this past week and when he saw her, he thought she was so much bigger than when he left.

Wednesday, June 16

A trip to PA

Last Saturday morning, Judd went to Hawaii while Charlotte and I traveled to my parent's house in Mechanicsburg, PA. I briefly toyed with the idea of Charlotte and I tagging along to Honolulu, but the visions of 10 hour airplane rides with a very active 2.5 year old were keeping me awake at night. I'm a fairly brave traveler with a toddler, but not that brave.

We got to Baltimore on Saturday morning and the Cianfichi shuttle drove us to my parent's house. (Thanks again Rachel & Adam!) We had a wonderful afternoon visiting with both of my grandmothers, both of my sisters and their husbands, my parents, and last but certainly not least - my beautiful nephew. This was the first meeting between Charlotte and Jacob. She thought he was pretty cool.




After a relaxing Sunday morning reading the paper:


my parents, Charlotte, my grandmother, and I went to church. Charlotte refused to go to the nursery and I didn't make her. So, she and I sat in the chapel and listened to the service while my parents and grandmother sat in the sanctuary. Then, Charlotte decided to throw an absolute tantrum on the ride home. The child turned into an animal - she forced her body so hard against the straps in her car seat they left marks on her shoulders! After some "sprinkle pancakes" whipped up by Granddad, she took a nice long nap.

Monday morning Charlotte and I headed to Knoebels to meet one of my dearest friends, Adrienne and her daughter, Sophia. Adrienne and I spent about 3 years attached at the hip in middle school/high school. We haven't lost touch since. Sophia is adorable and so well behaved. Both girls were, really. I don't think a single tear was shed in the time that we were there. They were both very brave and rode lots of rides.

She loved this ride! I was terrified to put her on it. Doesn't she looks so big, yet so little at the same time?


Why so serious?




Charlotte and I attempted to come home on Tuesday evening. We went to the Harrisburg airport and expected to get on the plane - there were about 8 seats open and I felt pretty confident we would get 2 of them. The flight was supposed to leave at 5:35, we got to the gate about 5. Charlotte and I ended up waiting there until 9pm when my mom picked us up to head back to their house. The storms in ATL kept our plane grounded and they wouldn't give us an indication of when it would ever leave. So, I made the decision to take Charlotte back and let her have a somewhat decent night's sleep rather than wait it out.

We made it back to Atlanta this afternoon. I would like to take a minute and brag about my child. She was an awesome traveler. In all of the time we had to wait around the BORING Harrisburg airport last night, she only really lost it once. She was able to be entertained with walks down the hallways, looking at books, just whatever. Then after only 8 hours sleep last night, we got on a 1 o'clock flight today. She hadn't napped at all before the flight. She was awesome on the plane - she put some stickers in books, watched a few minutes of Yo Gabba Gabba and then went to sleep. Not a single tear. Maybe I she would have been OK on the 10 hour flight back from Honolulu? I pray that this little boy kicking inside of me will travel as well as his big sister.

We are all unpacked and Charlotte is sound asleep in her bed. As much as I love being with my family and had an awesome time, it is always so nice to be back home.

Thursday, June 10

Fruit Loop Necklace

The last few afternoons (well, about 15 minutes worth of the afternoon) have found Charlotte and I being a little crafty. I cut some yarn, put some tape around the ends, and help her string some fruit loops to make a necklace. She thinks it is pretty darn cool.




The best part, of course, is that you get to eat it when it is finished. Jody thinks that is pretty cool too.


Tuesday, June 8

The Ball Game

We have gone outside and played "The Ball Game" (as Charlotte calls it) for a couple of nights this week. It basically consists of Judd and I acting like fools in the front lawn kicking a plastic ball around and letting Charlotte chase us.

There is some tackling.


There is somersault practice.


There is some time spent pretending to be a rag doll.



Then it is time to get serious. Judd and I have a kick off to see who can kick it the farthest and highest. Seriously - isn't his form to die for? :)


(I hope you blog readers appreciate that set as much as I do. I run the risk of having a very annoyed husband that these pictures were posted. He said, "You better not post those to the blog!" And then I hid the camera the rest of the night so he wouldn't remember and delete them. So, the next picture is to soften him up.)


Monday, June 7

I'll keep her


Even if she makes me lose my patience 20 times a day- this is the reason God gave this child Disney Princess sized blue eyes and yellow curls - she melts my heart each day.

The Weekend

Our weekend started off Friday evening with a torrential downpour and a pizza dinner at the Himes residence. It has been a little while since Judd and Dave played together, so I accepted Erin's invitation for a night off from cooking. The girls tore the house apart, fought over toys, ate dinner, had a bath together, read stories, and went to bed.

I put Charlotte in their guest bed with a pillow on either side of her. She looked so little laying there in that big double bed. About an hour later Erin said she heard talking from that room. I looked in and Charlotte was just sitting there in the bed talking and singing to herself. I kissed her good night again and she eventually fell asleep.

Saturday morning I had a Mommy & Me session at Piedmont Park. Charlotte was a bit of a pill on Saturday. Judd and I planned to take her to the PDK airshow, but she refused to get dressed and threw a huge tantrum. We ended up heading to the pool about an hour later.

Saturday night we attempted to have movie night. I think she's still a little young. I thought she'd get into the music and animation of a good Disney movie, but she just kept asking questions and didn't really get it. She did, however, love eating her bowl of popcorn.

After church on Sunday, Judd spent a lot of the day researching refrigerators. Ours seemed to be leaking water out of the bottom and didn't feel too cold. It came with the house and Lord only knows how old it is. It looks pretty old. After a suggestion from my father on Sunday evening, Judd cleaned out the evaporation pan and vacuumed underneath. Today, it seems to be running fine and no leaking. So, expense avoided? maybe for now.

This week it is business as usual. Pool, grocery shopping, sandbox, story time at the library, naps, and popsicles.

Friday, June 4

Pool Time

3 little girls eating PB&J with wrinkly fingers by the pool.

One shy little boy (Oliver) in the baby pool with his mama.

Time spent with awesome friends on a Friday morning, priceless.

When Judd and I took Charlotte to the pool for the first time this summer, as we were pulling out of the parking lot he said, "Are you going to live out a dream this summer?" He knows me well.

Coming out of college, a standard interview question was, "Where do you want to be in 5-10 years?" I never really knew how to answer that - but usually gave a pretty standard response about being a manager, blah, blah. I think I actually always knew the answer - I want to be able to play at the pool with my children in the summer. I want them to have care free childlike summers - no schedules, no routines, pool time every day if the want. I feel so fortunate that I finally figured out what was in me all along - and I feel even more fortunate that I can just be a mom this summer.