Monday, June 28

Girl's Weekend

Oh how I love girls weekend! I was really ready for it. I needed a break. This whole stay at home mom thing is AWESOME - don't get me wrong, but I deserve a vacation every once in a while, right?

Erin, Drena, Melissa, and I drove to N. Myrtle Beach on Thursday evening arriving a little after 1AM. Molly and Meghan got there Friday afternoon.

We spent some time on the beach, ate some good meals, shopped, slept, talked, and talked, and talked. It was wonderful to catch up with everyone for an extended period of time.

I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends in my life - people that I feel myself around. We joked after seeing a group of very leathery, bleach blond ladies on the beach that "that would be us in 20 years". While, I hope I'm not leathery or bleach blond in 20 years, I do hope that we will be together for at least a weekend a year that far down the road.

Judd and Charlotte had a great weekend together. They went to the lake and stayed with Judd's parents late Friday afternoon coming back Sunday morning. Charlotte rode the jet ski, fed the fish and the duck (no longer plural, poor ducks), swam in the pool, and swam in the lake in her underwear (I have joked about the swimming hole at the lake being the redneck yacht club, I guess Char was just trying to fit in?)

Not that I didn't expect him to, but Judd thoroughly enjoyed the 1 on 1 time with his girl. He beamed about the weekend the entire evening on Sunday and couldn't stop talking about how wonderful she was.

It was back to life as usual today. Cleaning, organizing, cooking, wiping messy faces - and wiping the other end. Throughout the day I would remember one liners from this past weekend and just chuckle to myself. Thanks girls!!

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m said...

I keep laughing too! Cannot wait till next summer, but hope to see you sometime this summer or fall!