Sunday, August 31

Friday, August 29


We picked up Charlotte from Judd's parents last Sunday. When we got her home and put her on the floor, she popped up onto her hands and knees and crawled away. Judd and I just looked at each other with our jaws dropped. She began crawling in the 3 days we were gone. Before we left for Key West, she had been scooting across the floor on her stomach, but hadn't begun actually crawling yet. She is now a pro.

When I was picking Charlotte up on Thursday afternoon, I peeked into her day care room to find her on her feet bent over the toy chest picking out a toy. This week she has learned to pull up, and is now pulling herself up onto her feet. She is awfully proud of her new independence.

Judd and I aren't sure how we feel about these new developments happening so quickly. I think we'll be baby proofing this weekend.

Wednesday, August 27

Stressful Diaper Changes

I need help. Changing Charlotte's diaper has become something that I dread. I am getting so stressed out trying to change her diapers, and I am afraid she can sense that, which is making it worse. As soon as I put her down to try to change her diaper, battle ensues. She flips over as soon as you lay her down, you flip her back over, and she squirms and fights to get back onto her stomach. And she's strong and VERY strong willed. If she has it in her mind that she's going to flip over, she is going to flip over. I'm afraid to change her on the changing table because she has hit her head while flipping over 2 or 3 times now.

I have tried everything. Giving her new things to play with, singing songs, making funny faces, nothing works for more than 20 seconds. 20 seconds is not enough time to get the old diaper off, her cleaned up, put cream on, and then put a new diaper on.

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 26

Time to Lower the Mattress?

We put Charlotte down for bed tonight around 7:30, however, she had other plans. This is how we found her, up on her knees peering over the side. She was very proud of her new perspective.

Monday, August 25

A is for Apple

This is the first page in an alphabet book I'm making for Charlotte, stay tuned for more letters!

Sunday, August 24

Our Escape

Judd and I made it back to Atlanta last night after 2 wonderful nights in Key West. We had a fabulous time eating, swimming and sleeping. We stayed at the Key West Harbor Inn.

It is a little B&B in the heart of old town. You walk into the gate, and you immediately feel like you are in a different world. It is very secluded and quiet. This was our room - the room up on the balcony:

Judd and I have been to Key West 5 or 6 times. It is our escape. When we go there we feel like we can do absolutely nothing and that is ok. Or, if we feel like we want to be busy, there is always something new to discover. We like it because you can pack shorts, old t-shirts, a bathing suit, and flip flops and you meet the dress code for every restaurant in town. You can walk every where you want to go, no need for a car and the stress of finding parking spots. Also, it is just beautiful. The ocean around the Keys is a brilliant blue, and all of the colors are so vibrant.

We are meeting Judd's parents today to get our girl. I can't wait to hold her - my arms have felt very empty the past few days.

Thursday, August 21

Changes in latitude, changes in attitude

Judd and I made it to the keys an hour or so ago. We dropped Charlotte off with her grandparents last night. Judd and I are looking forward to some time by ourselves even though we already miss her big blue eyes. We'll be back this weekend and will post pictures of the trip then - stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 19

The Best Feeling

Charlotte had a rough night last night. She woke up at 11 o'clock screaming and screaming. We had no idea what was wrong. Judd went in and tried to rock her and calm her down, but she continued to scream. She had a really bad diaper rash yesterday evening, so I thought that was bothering her. I changed her diaper and put a little more cream on her bum. That didn't seem to help, the screaming continued.

I sat in the rocker and fed her a little bit. She quieted down and drifted back to sleep. She was so peaceful and beautiful alseep in my lap. I quietly kissed her little forehead and laid her back in the crib. Her eyes POPPED open and her face scrunched up in a silent scream. After about 5 seconds the silence was broken with her cry. She seemed so betrayed - how could I have put her down?

I picked her up and put her head on my shoulder and sat in the rocker. Like a light she was out again. I could feel her breathing against me, her little breath on my neck. I realized then that she felt safe with me. I know most of you are thinking, "of course she feels safe with you, you're her mother" - but when you know for the first time, without a doubt, that you are the one that can make your child feel safe and secure, it is the best feeling in the world.

Sunday, August 17

Just us Gals

Judd abandoned us this weekend to go to Munich with some of his coworkers. He flew out on Friday and is returning today. I think he may have only been in Munich for 24 hours. I was a little aprehensive about this weekend because I would be on my own with Charlotte for a couple of days, but I have had a wonderful time with my girl.

Friday I picked her up from day care and we went out to dinner with some friends. Even though dinner started around her bed time, she was a very good girl. Saturday morning we went for a walk and then she took a nap. In the afternoon we went to a Gymboree class. It was a lot of fun. There were about 7 other babies there with their parents. We sang songs, played with bubbles, even went under a parachute. Saturday evening we went to the farmer's market so I could get some dinner. Charlotte crashed around 6:45pm! I had the whole evening to myself. It has been a LONG time since I had a night to myself. I watched the amazing women running the marathon. The woman that won it was 38! Those women are incredible, I'm not sure I could run one mile in 5 min 20 seconds, let alone 26.2!

This morning we went to breakfast with a coworker of mine. After breakfast we headed to church. Now, Charlotte's sleeping while I type this...maybe shopping this afternoon?

Saturday, August 16

Bath Time

Bath time has become one of my favorite parts of the day. Charlotte graduated from her baby tub to the big tub a couple of weeks ago. Since then, she LOVES her bath. She starts to get excited and wave her arms when I start to run the water. As soon as her little feet touch the water she kicks them up and down.

We have a little seat that she sits in to get her hair washed, then I put her in the big tub so she can splash around. Sometimes she even "swims" on her tummy. (there is only an inch of water in the tub, and I have my hand under her arms the entire time) She has the best time in the tub, she especially loves having water poured into the tub from a cup. (I know every parent says it, but it is amazing that you can buy all kinds of toys for a kid, but wat they end up loving is the every day stuff.)

Thursday, August 14

Happy Baby

Hey, what cha doin'?

Wednesday, August 13

Socialize Me

I'm a guest blogger today:

My friend & coworker Luis Benitez is a social software evangelist. Oh, and he has a really cute baby too :) (use google translator to translate it!)

Monday, August 11

A little comparison

The big 2-9, part 2

A little less than a month ago, Judd turned 29. That meant my birthday was right around the corner. I had been dreading this day for a while. Not because I was turning 29, but because it is Charlotte's first day at full blown 5 day / week "school". It isn't fair that you have to drop your baby off at "school" on your birthday.

After labeling her clothes, blankets, bottles, pacifier, and diapers this morning, I got her dressed and we headed out the door. We walked in and I put her on the floor. There were 3 babies already there playing with toys. She was thrilled to be there. She was smiling at everyone who looked at her and was mesmerized by the toys the other babies were playing with. After filling out her daily progress sheet and putting everything away in her cubby, I asked if there was anything else I needed to do. The teacher replied, "No, you're free to go." I took one last look at her and turned to leave. I cried the whole way down the hall. I called Judd and he reassured me that we were doing the best thing. I have pulled myself together and I am enjoying the peace and quiet of an empty house. I am looking forward to not being so stressed out on Mondays and Fridays trying to work and watch her at the same time. I just wish there was a way to do everything, keep her home with me and work, but I'm learning there are choices to be made.

My birthday will have some highlights. Around 4pm I'll go pick Charlotte up. Judd is making homemade oreo ice cream for me tonight. I got a new lens for my camera. Also, Judd's card to me was a nice sentimental card rather than one about farts. What more could a girl ask for?

Sunday, August 10

I love...

this face.

New Developments

This has been a big weekend for Charlotte. We are starting to see her become a little nervous around strangers. I was hoping that we would skip the whole stranger anxiety phase, but it seems we are entering it. Friday was the open house at Charlotte's "school". I took her up there to meet her teachers and see her room. One of the teachers took her from me and started playing with her on the floor while the other teacher explained the daily schedule to me. All of the sudden I heard Charlotte crying. I went over, sat down on the floor, and put her in my lap. She stopped crying and played like a champ. Then, Friday night Erin, Dave, and the girls came over. Erin picked Charlotte up when she walked into the living room, all of the sudden Charlotte started crying. I took her from Erin and she stopped. Hopefully this phase of development will be short lived. (I have to admit, though, it does feel good to know that she feels safe with me.)

Charlotte has also started to sit a lot more and for longer periods of time. She has a little trouble transitioning from sitting to her tummy, but she seems to really like her new found perspective on the world.

Friday, August 8

Cousin Maggie

My little cousin Maggie lost her battle with cancer last night. Her mom, my Aunt Helen, wrote this on her carepage this morning:
"Hi everyone,it is with very sad hearts that we have to tell you all that our
dear,sweet,wonderful,precious Maggie passed away last night.Bruce and I were
both with her and surrounded her with love.We are so proud of her and how she
fought this horrible disease with determination and that one-of-a-kind Maggie
attitude.I'm POSITIVE that heaven is running a whole new way today-Maggie's
way!I feel relieved that she is no longer in pain and she doesn't have to do any
more hospital crap.We prayed for a miracle but even though we didn't get the one
we wanted,in the last two years and two months we were blessed with alot of
other miracles.Thanks to all of you who were fighting right there with us and
Maggie.She is definately a winner!I am also very proud of Molly and Rocco.We're
grateful that we were all together yesterday as a family and they were able to
see their sister and give her a kiss and a pat on the beanie.We miss her
terribly.B POSITIVE,Love Helen,Bruce,Molly,Rocco and God Bless Sweet,Sweet
Maggie xoxoxoxoxo."

Maggie was 2 when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. She has been fighting for 2 years, 2 months. Please keep their family in your prayers.

Thursday, August 7

What's in a name?

Judd and I were sitting in the examining room at the doctor's office last Friday for Charlotte's 6 month check up. I began flipping through the latest issue of Parents Magazine while we waited. On the cover was a heading boasting 226 trendy names. I said to Judd, "I hope Charlotte isn't one of them." Sure enough, there was a category of "Jet Setter" names, and Charlotte was one of them. Sharing the page with Charlotte was Dakota, Florence, you get the idea - all names of places.

It isn't that we don't want Charlotte to have a trendy name, I just don't want that to be the reason we gave her that name. The reason we named her Charlotte is that I LOVE Sex and the City so much that I wanted our family to be named after the characters. You know, Carrie, Charlotte, Judd (he's Mr. Big). Yeah Right.

She is named after my father, Charles and his father, Charles. Charlotte is the feminine form of Charles. Caroline (the name Carrie is derived from) is also a feminine form of Charles. We would have named her Juddina (the feminine form of Judd) but we decided it didn't roll off of the tongue as well.

I already know of 2 little girls around Charlotte's age named Charlotte. So, I guess she might very well be known as "Charlotte D." in school rather than just "Charlotte". Sigh.

Tuesday, August 5

Mommy's Little Helper

The past few times I've made dinner, Charlotte has stayed content in her bumbo watching me cook. She really loved the measuring cups I gave her last night. (Yes, I know the bumbo is on an elevated surface, but I am literaly within 2 feet of her while I'm cooking)

Monday, August 4

Creeping? Scooting?

Not sure what you would classify this movement as. Is it creeping? scooting? crawling? Whatever it is, Charlotte began this movement this past weekend. Our days of leaving her in the middle of the floor are over. She is very proud of herself that she has figured it out!

Sunday, August 3


That one word sums up this weekend so far. Yesterday, Judd and I cleaned out and organized our garage. Our garage is the place we keep everything that we don't know what to do with. So, after a year it begins to look like a disaster. We are embarrassed to have people walk through it. After much procrastination, we went to the home organization section of Lowe's to buy some shelves, hooks, etc. We came home and began cleaning and organizing. The garage looks fantastic, but I think we both lost a gallon of sweat in the process. Now we know why most people do cleaning in the Spring.

Last night we went over to Erin & Dave's for dinner. While we were there a huge storm came through. Dave & Erin's lights flickered, but they never lost power. When we got home around 8, we were greeted by a dark house. Our power was out. We pulled out the flashlight, put Charlotte to bed and settled into the couches in the living room. I thought the power would be back on in an hour or so - the Georgia Power website said the estimated restore time would be 10:30pm. After an hour, the power was still out. 10:30pm came and went, we were still in the dark. I started to get nervous about the 125 oz of breastmilk in the freezer. Our neighbors are out of town, and I have a key to their house. I saw their porch light was on - so I went to put my breastmilk in their freezer. We went through the night without any power, it was about 80 degrees in our bedroom. I worried about Charlotte overheating the entire night, I think I checked on her 3 or 4 times. This morning we decided to go get breakfast and sit in the air conditioning. When we got home the power was on!!! We take air conditioning for granted...nights like last night reminded me how lucky I am to have it!

Friday, August 1

6 months

6 months!! Where has the time gone? We had a good doctors visit this morning, Charlotte is a healthy, happy 6 month old. Here are her stats:

Weight: 17 lbs 5.5 oz - 75 %
Height: 27 " - 90%
Head: 17" - 50-75%

As of 6 months, Charlotte is:

  • Babbling. Lots of "Da da da", "ba ba ba", "ma ma ma".
  • Sitting. For about 30 seconds at a time, then she falls over. She doesn't seem to be too interested in the concept.
  • Scooting. She is pulling herself along the floor to just about anywhere she wants to go.
  • Laughing. Especially at her dad.
  • Smiling. All of the time, she's very happy.
  • Sleeping. About 12 hours at night - for the last 4 nights those 12 hours have been consecutive!!
  • Eating. She is now eating Stage 2 foods twice a day.
Here is the comparison picture. 5 months on the left, 6 months on the right.