Sunday, August 24

Our Escape

Judd and I made it back to Atlanta last night after 2 wonderful nights in Key West. We had a fabulous time eating, swimming and sleeping. We stayed at the Key West Harbor Inn.

It is a little B&B in the heart of old town. You walk into the gate, and you immediately feel like you are in a different world. It is very secluded and quiet. This was our room - the room up on the balcony:

Judd and I have been to Key West 5 or 6 times. It is our escape. When we go there we feel like we can do absolutely nothing and that is ok. Or, if we feel like we want to be busy, there is always something new to discover. We like it because you can pack shorts, old t-shirts, a bathing suit, and flip flops and you meet the dress code for every restaurant in town. You can walk every where you want to go, no need for a car and the stress of finding parking spots. Also, it is just beautiful. The ocean around the Keys is a brilliant blue, and all of the colors are so vibrant.

We are meeting Judd's parents today to get our girl. I can't wait to hold her - my arms have felt very empty the past few days.


Meredith said...

Welcome home! You took some beautiful photographs and I'm quite jealous of your relaxing weekend! :) Glad you had a good time!

Al & Nina said...

We are so happy you had such a good trip. We had a GREAT time with Charlotte. Love, Nina