Saturday, January 31

Let Her Eat Cake

More pictures to come, but Charlotte had a wonderful birthday party today!


Wednesday, January 28



I just love the little curls she has after her bath.

Monday, January 26

When You Were A Baby

I just checked on you as I do every night. Every night before I go across the hall to my bedroom, I turn on the hall light, quietly open your door, and walk in to see if you are OK. I know already that you are OK because I have been listening to you on the monitor all evening. Really, I want to see you one last time before I go to bed.

Tonight, you were facing the opposite direction that I had laid you in. Your hands were down between the mattress and the side of the crib. 9 times out of 10 you have them that way. Maybe you feel like you are hugging something when you sleep? Your little legs were curled perfectly towards your stomach. You looked so perfect to me - how can you be turning one in just 6 days?

One day, in the not-so-distant future, you will make a request, "Mom, tell me what I was like when I was a baby." I will tell you that you had the biggest blue eyes that captured everyone's attention. I will tell you that except for the first one, you have loved your baths. I will tell you that you loved to be around people, and were quite the charmer. It seems you know just who to charm to get what you want. I will tell you that you loved your changing table, and we would spend many minutes during the day playing on it. You always smiled when your Daddy came into the room, he always got a laugh out of you - even when you were mad and didn't want to laugh - something we'll have to tolerate together. I will tell you that I missed you every day when I went to work and that my favorite time of day was when I picked you up from daycare. You would hear my voice at the door, look over and crawl to me as fast as your hands and knees would take you. Your teachers loved you and always made a fuss over you.

I will tell you that you were an amazing baby - my first baby - and you were more than I ever dreamed you would be.


Refusing Formula & The Bottle

We had a good weekend this weekend. We went down to see Judd's parents on Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday after lunch. His mom looks good. She is eating more every day and slowly gaining strength. It was as if Charlotte knew who needed a hug. She crawled right to her grandmother and wanted to be picked up. Judd's dad picked her up and she put her arms around her neck and put her head on her grandmother's shoulder.

Friday when I took Charlotte to daycare, I asked them to start using sippy cups with her rather than the bottle. I'm not sure if something happened that day, but Charlotte has been refusing her bottle all weekend. That would be fine if she would drink her formula from a sippy cup, but she won't do that either. She pushes them both away and fights and squirms if you try to put a bottle in her mouth. I tried milk, and she won't drink that either. She takes a sip from the cup, but then spits it all back out. Last night she went to bed without taking her bottle - she has never done that. I'm at a loss. I'd be fine giving up formula now - she'll be a year in a week and I don't think it's a bad thing to start milk a week early - but she won't take milk either. How do you get a child to drink milk? Any advice from moms that have gone through this?

Friday, January 23

Mobility & Communication

Charlotte has been taking an unassisted step here or there for a couple of months now. She has been cruisng along holding onto furniture since October. We kept hearing things like "Oh, she'll be walking by Christmas." or "Wow, she only has a couple more weeks before she's running!" Well, Christmas came and went and walking didn't even seem to be a thought in her mind. She has been very content with her crawling capabilities.

Tuesday I noticed that she seemed to want to walk more. Then, Wednesday, after I picked her up from daycare, we got home and I put her down on the floor. She was standing up holding onto a chair in the kitchen. I turned away to look at something on the counter, turned back around, and there she was, poised and ready for action. She let go of the chair and took two steps in a row before falling on her face. It was thrilling to watch. That evening after her bath, Judd and I sat on the floor of her room and had her "practice" walking back and forth. I think we're still a ways away from having a full blown walker, but it is fun to watch the progress she's making.

Pointing has become Charlotte's communication method of choice. She points to everything. We've had some key lime cookies on top of the refrigerator. The other evening, I was holding her while I ate one of the cookies. I gave her a little bite of it. The next day we passed the refrigerator and she pointed straight to the box. It is nice that she is beginning to let us know what she wants. However, in the future I have a feeling Judd and I will sound like a broken record, "Use your words!".

Tuesday, January 20

Baby Blues


This one is for Judd's mom as she recovers :)

Sunday, January 18

A nice weekend

We have had a very nice weekend.

Friday night we went to eat with Dave, Erin, Ella, & Emma. As you can imagine, once the twins arrived, our table attracted a lot of attention. 4 adults and 3 high chairs filled with babies under 1 is a lot to manage, but we had fun!

Saturday was my sleep in day, so I took full advantage. We spent the day playing with Charlotte, grocery shopping, etc. All those "normal" family activities. Saturday night Judd's cousin, Jennifer came to babysit Charlotte while Judd and I went out to eat. Jennifer is so wonderful and generous with her time - I think this is the 6th or 7th time she has babysat for us. Charlotte just loves her. If I'm in the room, it is usually a toss up as to whether Charlotte will go to someone she isn't as familiar with - but she always goes right to Jennifer. Judd and I had a fabulous meal at Cakes & Ale in downtown Decatur. He worked a ton before Christmas, and I have been working a ton since Christmas, so it was really nice to relax and be together.

Today was Judd's sleep in morning, and he took full advantage. After we all got up and ready we headed up to the Dawson's to visit Marshall. He is just a doll. Allison and Michael seem like the have it all together. Al looks fabulous and Michael has jumped right in with baby duties. Of course I took my camera. This was my favorite.


This evening Judd put Charlotte's new wagon together. Her Aunt Sally & Aunt Rachel gave it to her for Christmas. We went down the street and back. When I picked her up to take her inside she kicked her feet and started to cry. So, I put her back in and she smiled immediately. (She is quickly learning how to manipulate) As I am always willing to oblige, we went around the col-de-saq a few more times. Needless to say, it's a hit - so thanks Sally & Rachel!


Wednesday, January 14

Heads & Tails

Over Thanksgiving, we boarded Jody at a kennel up the street. She was bitten by a flea on the end of her tail while she was there. Jody is allergic to flea bites and chewed at the end of her tail for a week before we took her to the vet. At this point it was infected. So, we were given antibiotics for her. She finished those and we thought that her tail started to look better.

However, she continued to wag and wag her tail smacking it against everything - walls, doors, people, tables, etc. Each time she smacked it, the little wound on the end of her tail would bleed. When her tail wasn't bandaged, because we wanted to let it air out to heal, she would splatter blood all over the house. (something that I really enjoyed cleaning up) Our house, at times, looked like a crime scene.

The tail reached a boiling point with me over the last few days. I've had it with trying to keep it bandaged, cleaning up blood, etc. So, Judd dropped her off at the vet this morning. Here is how she looked when I picked her up:


We are going to keep that huge bandage on her tail for a week, then have it re-bandaged, and on for another week. If it isn't better after that, we have to have it amputated. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

On another front, Judd's mom got great news today. Her lymphnodes were clear - no cancer there. whew!

Monday, January 12

A Girls Weekend

This weekend I got to have an unexpected Girls Weekend with Charlotte and my nieces, Katie & Lilly.

Judd's mom was admitted to the hospital Friday night for some bleeding. Judd headed down to Albany on Friday afternoon after we learned that there was a growth in her colon. Emily (Judd's sister) was in Calhoun wishing she could be with her mom. Her husband, Frank, was out of town. I told her I would keep Katie & Lilly for her while she went to be with her mom since surgery was scheduled for sometime Saturday afternoon. She got here around 11:30 to drop the girls off.

We had a great time. We played Wii, made snakes with Play-Doh, got some movies from Blockbuster, had dinner at McDonalds and stopped by two different parks. So many funny things came out of both of their mouths, I wish I had written it all down. Charlotte enjoyed the weekend too. She loves watching her cousins play and dance. The girls were so good, so that made my job a lot easier.

They both make me laugh, but Lilly cracks me up with almost everything she does. I was watching her play with Play-Doh and noticed all of the different facial expressions she makes when she plays. So, I grabbed the camera. When I did, she noticed I was taking pictures. She was good little model, until she started crossing her eyes for each picture.





Judd's mom came out of surgery Saturday evening and is recovering ok. She'll probably be in the hospital for the week. We're not sure what lies ahead, but praying that everything will turn out positively.

Thursday, January 8

O is for Ornament

I bet you thought I gave up! Just took a little alphabet break :) I already have the picture for P, and an idea for Q, so hopefully those will be done this weekend!



Each day with an infant holds at least one bittersweet moment.

Today Judd had to go into work early, so I dropped Charlotte off at daycare and went into work a little later than usual. She was awfully cute this morning so I debated whether to call in sick for the day and just play with her, but decided to save those days for when one of us really is sick.

We arrived at the door to the Infant 2 room, and she put her little arms tight around my neck. She finally went to the teacher - no tears, but no smiles either. The teacher put her down on the floor to play with toys. She was facing the door. She looked up at me with those eyes of hers, so I waved and said "Bye Bye". She raised her hand and moved her little pudgy fingers back and forth, then said "Bye Bye". Again, no smiles, like she knew what it meant. As my heart broke, I turned to leave.

While it is so exciting & wonderful that she is beginning to communicate, it is becoming harder and harder to wave "Bye Bye" to my little girl.

Wednesday, January 7


Judd and I eat Mexican food a lot. At least once a week. (remember my New Year's resolution about the midsection?) We would probably both be 20 lbs lighter if it wasn't for this addiction. When we lived in our apartment off of Clairmont & 85 the first year we were married, we frequented El Torerro at least once a week. I know they recognized us when we went it. Yet, we never got special treatment. We were always a little disappointed. I really wanted someone to ask, just once, "Would you like the usual?".

When Dave and Erin moved to Decatur, pre-babies, we would go out to eat Mexican with them almost every Sunday. We would go to their favorite place, Coyote's. One of the women that worked there began to recognize them when they would eat there.

A year and a half ago, a Mexican place opened up less than a half a mile from us, Eduardo's. Of course, we had to go check this place out. So, the four of us sat down at a booth - and much to our surprise it was the same woman that worked at Coyote's. She was thrilled to see us. So, Judd and I have been getting take out there once a week since Charlotte was born. Our friend knows us when we call up there, and she always asks about the baby. A dream come true - to finally be recognized as a regular in a Mexican restaurant. :)

Last night was taco night for dinner. I cooked some rice and used an El Paso taco kit. It is one of my favorite dinners. I CRAVED it when I was pregnant. When we were cleaning up last night, I put a half a cup of rice and some taco meat aside or Charlotte's dinner tonight. Tonight I heated it up and spread some rice and meat out on her tray. The child could not put it in her mouth fast enough. She started pointing to the spoon. So, I would put some of the mixture on the spoon and feed it to her. As soon as she got some in her mouth, she would lean forward with her mouth open wanting more. I am very excited that Charlotte is going to share our love of Mexican. Maybe it was all of the tacos I ate when I was pregnant?

Charlotte also got a new hat this weekend from Melissa. If you think this one is cute, check out Melissa's other items. You may recognize a few of the models :)


Monday, January 5

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Well, the holidays are over. I just dropped a tearful Charlotte off at daycare. I have spent the last 14 days with her and it has been wonderful. (ok, and a little tiring) Judd was off of work for a good portion of that time as well. We haven't spent that much time with her since she was 3 months old and it was wonderful to be together. Judd asked me the other night, "Do you really think you could be a stay at home mom?" I didn't have to think about it, yes I could in a heartbeat.

We even got a few things accomplished around the house. We finally decided on and ordered our new couch. We hung curtains in the living room yesterday! Our house is starting to look more "grown up" by the day. Yesterday we decided that 2009 was going to be the year of the house. Maybe a kitchen renovation is in the future??

I don't have any big resolutions this year. Of course I would like to get this flab around my midsection to go away, but I'm not going to put that on myself. If it happens, it happens. I would like to learn to be more patient, especially with Charlotte and Judd. I would like to continue to only say "yes" to the things I can handle - not get too overwhelmed. I would like to continue to develop my photography skills...maybe even try to take a client or two eventually? I would like to continue to blog, at least 4 posts a week.

Who knows what else 2009 will bring!

Friday, January 2

11 months


Look at that little girl! Who is that? I'm pretty sure it isn't my baby, she is way too big. Charlotte was 11 months on New Years Day. This is her last month as an infant. In one month we will have a toddler on our hands. I am working now on planning her first birthday.

She has begun to point at things she wants to bring attention to, whether it is food she wants or the Christmas tree. Over Christmas her grandparents discovered that when they asked, "Charlotte, where is the Christmas tree?", she would look at the tree and point. She will wave and say "Bye-Bye". She also will point to a dog and say "Dog". (Or something pretty close) She is doing pretty well with the sippy cup. I'm not sure if we'll be able to totally give bottles up at a year, but I hope so. She is eating 95% table food. I haven't purchased baby food in a while. No walking yet. She has taken a few steps here and there, but nothing to write home about. She seems to be pretty content with crawling. I'm not sure if she'll be walking by her first birthday or not. She seems to laugh a lot more. When she is playing, I'll hear her start to chuckle to herself.

Thursday, January 1

Christmas 2008

I finally have had a few minutes to go through the over 450 pictures that were taken over Christmas. It was fun to look back over the past week and a flew by.

The Monday before Christmas, Judd, Charlotte, and I headed to Cordele to spend the first half of the week with Judd's family. I had some work to finish up, but was able to bring my computer along and work during some down times. For the last two years, I brought gingerbread cookie dough along with me. It has become a tradition to roll the dough out, cut the cookies, and decorate them with my nieces, Katie and Lilly. The week prior, I had been really busy getting ready for Christmas, working, etc., so I didn't bring any dough with me. I had only been in the house for 5 min when Katie asked when we were decorating cookies. Oops! Judd's mom had the great idea to get some Pillsbury sugar cookie dough, so we rolled that out and decorated the cookies the day before Christmas Eve.



Christmas Eve we headed over to Pam and Mike's house for dinner & dessert with the extended family. Judd's dad smoked a turkey all day. It was probably the best turkey I've had. When you add in good southern sides like fresh rolls, butter beans (lima beans for you yankees), black eyed peas, and dressing, you have a pretty fantastic Christmas Eve dinner. After dinner, we played Christmas Bingo and opened gifts. Charlotte was a really good girl, despite refusing to take a nap that afternoon. She crashed for a half hour about half way through the night, though.


We found out Christmas morning that Santa had gone above and beyond. There was a Wii console, razor scooters, and a princess castle for Katie & Lilly. Charlotte had a little pile as well :) It was a much smaller pile, but she didn't need much this year. It was such a fun morning. There is nothing like Christmas morning with children.


Christmas day night we flew up to my parent's house to finish out the week. We opened presents with my family on Friday evening after dinner. It was really nice to be able to spend Christmas both places. My sisters and I made presents for each other this year. While it was stressful getting them finished, I really enjoyed seeing what they had created.

My mom decorated a tree especially for Charlotte. She got a little live tree and decorated it with gingerbread men and dried orange slices. Then, after Christmas my dad planted it out in the yard to commemorate her first Christmas.


Of course, Charlotte grabbed a gingerbread man off of a low branch and bit his head off.

Judd headed back to Atlanta on Sunday and I decided to stay until Tuesday. I had a great time, but was glad to get back home and back into a routine of some sort. It was a Christmas to remember and I want to thank our families for making Charlotte's first Christmas so special.