Friday, January 2

11 months


Look at that little girl! Who is that? I'm pretty sure it isn't my baby, she is way too big. Charlotte was 11 months on New Years Day. This is her last month as an infant. In one month we will have a toddler on our hands. I am working now on planning her first birthday.

She has begun to point at things she wants to bring attention to, whether it is food she wants or the Christmas tree. Over Christmas her grandparents discovered that when they asked, "Charlotte, where is the Christmas tree?", she would look at the tree and point. She will wave and say "Bye-Bye". She also will point to a dog and say "Dog". (Or something pretty close) She is doing pretty well with the sippy cup. I'm not sure if we'll be able to totally give bottles up at a year, but I hope so. She is eating 95% table food. I haven't purchased baby food in a while. No walking yet. She has taken a few steps here and there, but nothing to write home about. She seems to be pretty content with crawling. I'm not sure if she'll be walking by her first birthday or not. She seems to laugh a lot more. When she is playing, I'll hear her start to chuckle to herself.

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Drena said...! She seems like so much fun now!