Wednesday, January 7


Judd and I eat Mexican food a lot. At least once a week. (remember my New Year's resolution about the midsection?) We would probably both be 20 lbs lighter if it wasn't for this addiction. When we lived in our apartment off of Clairmont & 85 the first year we were married, we frequented El Torerro at least once a week. I know they recognized us when we went it. Yet, we never got special treatment. We were always a little disappointed. I really wanted someone to ask, just once, "Would you like the usual?".

When Dave and Erin moved to Decatur, pre-babies, we would go out to eat Mexican with them almost every Sunday. We would go to their favorite place, Coyote's. One of the women that worked there began to recognize them when they would eat there.

A year and a half ago, a Mexican place opened up less than a half a mile from us, Eduardo's. Of course, we had to go check this place out. So, the four of us sat down at a booth - and much to our surprise it was the same woman that worked at Coyote's. She was thrilled to see us. So, Judd and I have been getting take out there once a week since Charlotte was born. Our friend knows us when we call up there, and she always asks about the baby. A dream come true - to finally be recognized as a regular in a Mexican restaurant. :)

Last night was taco night for dinner. I cooked some rice and used an El Paso taco kit. It is one of my favorite dinners. I CRAVED it when I was pregnant. When we were cleaning up last night, I put a half a cup of rice and some taco meat aside or Charlotte's dinner tonight. Tonight I heated it up and spread some rice and meat out on her tray. The child could not put it in her mouth fast enough. She started pointing to the spoon. So, I would put some of the mixture on the spoon and feed it to her. As soon as she got some in her mouth, she would lean forward with her mouth open wanting more. I am very excited that Charlotte is going to share our love of Mexican. Maybe it was all of the tacos I ate when I was pregnant?

Charlotte also got a new hat this weekend from Melissa. If you think this one is cute, check out Melissa's other items. You may recognize a few of the models :)



Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

like mama, like daughter. :-) i just hope mary margaret doesn't love chocolate as much as i craved it these past 9 months. IT'S ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT.

Meredith said...

CUTE hat!!!

And, I'm the same way... would be a LOT lighter if I didn't eat so much mexican food! LOVE IT! When Chris and I lived in Decatur, we went to Coyotes a LOT too! YUMM-O!

Mel said...

Thanks for the shout out!! That picture of her looks great!

Naomi said...

I know people say that Charlotte looks so much like Judd, but in the individuals pictures of y'all on your header, you and Charlotte look so similar. You are sharing the same expression and it's adorable!

Rebecca said... suddenly I'm in the mood for Mexican! That is funny about Charlotte loving the food. We haven't tried giving Liam Mexican yet but anything else we've given him, we can't feed it to him fast enough (and when we let him feed himself, he will stuff fistfulls into his mouth). Love the hat - such a photogenic model too!

Zane Hollingsworth said...

Wonderful picture. She looks adorable in her new hat. My girlfriend & I love Mexican as well. She speaks Spanish so we go to the cool places where the menu is in Spanish & no one speaks English but the two of us. She used to order me beef tongue tacos and tell me that I was eating steak. She's a lot of fun....Now I love tongue tacos.

Mollypants said...

I share your craving of mexican food. I don't mean anything with fresh anything, I mean the "gloppy" mexican greasy places like mexicali in Athens - where you order a #14 and you get something with cheese all over it and spanish rice and refried beans. The North does NOT have these wonderful restaurants, the ones in every strip mall in the south, the ones that serve every 17-year-old in town margaritas. I'm convinced that the lack of them up north is how I lost so much weight when I lived up north. There were a few in Philly, but I never found ONE in Boston. I'm praying the ones in Charlotte (the city, not the child) stay far away from my radar. I look at them and I gain ten pounds. Goodness, I'm hungry!