Sunday, August 10

New Developments

This has been a big weekend for Charlotte. We are starting to see her become a little nervous around strangers. I was hoping that we would skip the whole stranger anxiety phase, but it seems we are entering it. Friday was the open house at Charlotte's "school". I took her up there to meet her teachers and see her room. One of the teachers took her from me and started playing with her on the floor while the other teacher explained the daily schedule to me. All of the sudden I heard Charlotte crying. I went over, sat down on the floor, and put her in my lap. She stopped crying and played like a champ. Then, Friday night Erin, Dave, and the girls came over. Erin picked Charlotte up when she walked into the living room, all of the sudden Charlotte started crying. I took her from Erin and she stopped. Hopefully this phase of development will be short lived. (I have to admit, though, it does feel good to know that she feels safe with me.)

Charlotte has also started to sit a lot more and for longer periods of time. She has a little trouble transitioning from sitting to her tummy, but she seems to really like her new found perspective on the world.

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Luis Benitez said...

Hmm.. is there a phase for "doesn't want to be let alone" ? .. every time we leave alejandro alone for more than 10 mins, he cries. When we pick him up, he stops.. :)