Tuesday, June 29



A couple of months ago I asked Charlotte if she wanted her toenails painted. She said, "No, I wanna keep them white." She noticed immediately when I got home from the girls trip this past weekend that my toenails were now pink. (we got pedictures on the trip)

Yesterday I asked her again if she wanted me to paint her toenails. She said, "YES!" and ran upstairs. She picked out red. She sat so still as I clipped her little nails, filed them just a bit, then painted a very thin coat of paint on. She was so proud of her toenails.

She was very upset when most of the polish had worn off after being in the pool today. So, I touched them all up for her. I may have created a monster!


m said...

I also get upset when my polish comes off in the pool. She is too cute!

Sarah said...

So cute! Yes, you have created a monster -- ever since I first painted Kathryn's nails 5 or so years ago, it hasn't stopped! Though it's developed in to her begging to go with me to get a pedicure when I go!