Thursday, June 24

A few things

Judd and I exchanged anniversary cards on Tuesday evening before heading out to dinner. I opened mine and kinda giggled. He opened his and just laughed. We got each other the SAME card. The weird thing was when I was picking mine card out, I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be funny if we got the same card?" I guess we are pretty in sync!


On Monday night, Judd, Charlotte, and I ended up in urgent care. Judd helped Charlotte off of our bed by holding her hand as she slid off of the bed. He said he felt a little pop and Charlotte immediately started to cry. She whimpered about her arm for a little while, but I thought it would be better if we could just distract her. But a little while later it became obvious that something was wrong. Poor Judd felt horrible.

We took her up to CHOA off of Satellite Blvd. She was such a brave girl and didn't shed a single tear as the doctor popped her little elbow back into place. Judd and I were very proud of her. She happily took the popsicle that they gave her and we made our way home.

3. I'm headed out of town to Myrtle Beach to spend 3 days with some fabulous friends! I'm going to miss my little fam - but I'm ready for a little break from mommy duties. I know Char will be in great hands with her Daddy and grandparents.

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Emily said...

Poor Charlotte. It is so scary when the arm just hangs and you know something is wrong. I'm glad she was brave and I'm glad Judd didn't pass out! Have fun on your girls' trip and know that Judd and Charlotte are in good hands.