Friday, June 18

Because I Don't Want to Forget (Volume 2)

I feel like each new age Charlotte grows into is my favorite - but almost 2.5 is hysterical. Sure, it has it's challenges - she is trying to become more independent and thinks Doritos is an awesome breakfast - but overall she is this amazing, very funny, good little girl.

1. She tells me, "Don't worry 'bout it, Mommy". The funny thing is, she uses this phrase in the correct context each time. So, if she is eating chalk or paint or something and tell her no, she says, "It's Ok, don't worry 'bout it Mommy"

2. Each night before she goes to sleep or every afternoon before her nap she wants to know what we are going to do when she wakes up. The process of explaining takes about 5-10 minutes before she is satisfied with what we are going to do.

3. She has a funny new dance.

4. Yo Gabba Gabba is hands down her favorite show - Judd and I have seen each episode 100 times and are pretty ready for the writers to come up with some new ones. We have at least 4 episodes recorded at all times. When she wants to watch one she asks which ones we have. I read the titles to her and she picks which one she wants.

5. When it is breakfast or lunch, she always wants to "hear her choices" as to what she can have to eat.

(choices are a big thing in her life right now)

6. When asked what Daddy does at work she says, "make money". (right on, baby!)

7. She is very aware that her "baby brother" is in Mommy's tummy. She talks about him every once in a while. If only she really knew what all of this meant for her.

8. She has some pretend friends that come with us places, or just show up places. The most popular is "Pretend Marshall". However, it is not uncommon for "Pretend Ella", "Pretend Emma", or "Pretend Oliber" to be around.

She is growing before our eyes every day. Judd was gone for under a week this past week and when he saw her, he thought she was so much bigger than when he left.

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