Sunday, June 20

A Great Father & Partner


Yesterday morning was a little rough for me. All I really wanted to do was have a few minutes to myself in the morning. However, Charlotte woke up in a wretched mood so I ended up getting her out of bed and taking her downstairs at 6:45 AM. (I had been up since 5:30 AM anyway - this pregnancy insomnia thing is already kicking in)

As soon as I get downstairs I see that the dog has pooped all over the floor. (She's 10 and I think starting to lose it.) Awesome. I get that cleaned up and kick the dog outside. Charlotte refuses to go potty, so I try to get her to eat some breakfast. Judd comes downstairs.

As soon as I get Char settled at the table eating her breakfast, I go upstairs to try to have a few minutes to myself. I close myself into the bathroom. I just need to have a few deep breaths before I totally lose it. I hear little feet. She starts banging on the door wanting to know what I'm doing. This makes me actually lose it. All I want is to have some time. Then I hear something that sounds like liquid hitting the floor. I know immediately that she has just had an accident. Now she's crying, I'm crying. I get to clean up a potty mess for the 2nd time - and it's only 7:30 am.

After we are all calmed down and she plays quietly with her wonderful Daddy for an hour, I feel together enough to take her to the mall to pick out Judd's Father's Day present. We do that and then head to a birthday party.

After the party, I'm tired - she's tired. We are on each other's nerves. She's tired of being with me - and I can not wait for her nap. She wakes up really cranky from her nap and I look at Judd and tell him that I don't think I can make it through the afternoon. I can't handle more battles, negotiation, and tantrums. I start to tear up again.

He goes into her room and in between her sobs I hear her giggle. I go into her room and see him jumping around with her jean skirt on his head, a purse hanging from his ears, her sunglasses around his neck and he is singing some song about poopy and pee. I start to laugh a much needed laugh. He looks ridiculous. She starts to laugh. He convinces her to run to the potty and put on her bathing suit to go to the pool.

I gave him one of the biggest hugs I've given him in a while. When I don't have the patience or energy to see beyond the next 5 minutes, he is there to jump in. All he wants is for his girls to be happy. He is such a brilliant Daddy and wonderful partner.

Happy Father's Day!

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