Friday, June 4

Pool Time

3 little girls eating PB&J with wrinkly fingers by the pool.

One shy little boy (Oliver) in the baby pool with his mama.

Time spent with awesome friends on a Friday morning, priceless.

When Judd and I took Charlotte to the pool for the first time this summer, as we were pulling out of the parking lot he said, "Are you going to live out a dream this summer?" He knows me well.

Coming out of college, a standard interview question was, "Where do you want to be in 5-10 years?" I never really knew how to answer that - but usually gave a pretty standard response about being a manager, blah, blah. I think I actually always knew the answer - I want to be able to play at the pool with my children in the summer. I want them to have care free childlike summers - no schedules, no routines, pool time every day if the want. I feel so fortunate that I finally figured out what was in me all along - and I feel even more fortunate that I can just be a mom this summer.


Sara said...

I am glad you are happy. I am very proud of the Mom you have become.
I miss Charlotte lots. I got to hug baby Jacob today, though :) He is so sweet. This grandparent thing is the best!
See you soon.

Carrie Beth said...

I got chills reading this post, because I feel the SAME way about wanting to just have a fun, lazy, pool-filled summer with my kids. It can't be beat!

Al & Nina said...

What fun!! I hope you girls have a wonderful summer. N