Thursday, February 18


My parents made it last weekend despite the weather that we had. The two flights before theirs were cancelled, but their flight was right on time. I'm glad, because all Charlotte could talk about all day Friday and Saturday morning was Grammie and Grandad and the fact that they were coming to her house.

We had a really good visit. My parents were hoping for some warmer weather, but it wasn't too cold. They babysat Charlotte on Valentine's Day so Judd and I could go to a movie and to dinner. We had a wonderful evening together. We went to Varasano's Pizzeria in Buckhead. Judd read about it online - and it was the best pizza I've had. It was SO good - so if you get the chance to go to Buckhead make a reservation and check it out.

The rest of the visit was spent hanging out and playing with Charlotte.

Today Judd is packing to head to Sydney for over a week. He leaves tonight. I'm really happy for him that he gets this opportunity, but really sad that he will be gone for so long. Char and I are going to try to head to PA at some point for a few days - hopefully today.

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