Monday, February 25

Weekend at the Lake

This past weekend was Charlotte's first weekend at Grandmother's and Grandaddy's. And let me tell you, the red carpet was rolled out for our arrival. We got a call as we were close to the house from Judd's mom saying that she had pulled her car out of the garage and we were to park in the garage because it was raining and she didn't want the baby to get wet. Then we get inside and Charlotte has a new beautiful bib and a "first baby doll", as well as a new fishing pole. We are shown to our room that now contains a new crib with new pretty bedding.

We also find that we are stocked with diapers, wipes, blankets, and bottles. It was a wonderful welcome.

The next day, Charlotte hung out with her cousins:

and her great-grandparents:

as well as Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike: (sorry, Pam, somehow I didn't get a pic of you :( )

To say the least, the child was held the ENTIRE weekend. But, she didn't seem to mind:

However, I have had to type this post entirely one-handed, because she has not let me put her down all morning. :)

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