Monday, March 3

Charlotte's Rose

Our church places a rose on the altar to honor the birth of children in the congregation. This past Sunday Charlotte had her rose placed on the altar and her name in the bulletin. So, we decided to take her to church. She did great. She just laid in her car seat until the last 5 minutes when she started to get a little wiggly - so I took her out and fed her a bottle. She was great after that and endured many "oooooo's" and "aaaaa's" from the members of the congregation as Judd strutted down the aisle with her after the service. We even got a couple of pictures of the rose, and a few after church since it was so nice out.

My favorite one - this was one proud Dad at church.

Charlotte had a good time this past weekend with her Aunt Rachel. We were so glad that Rachel was able to come down and spend some time with her niece when she was this little.

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