Monday, March 31

First Boat Ride

This past weekend, Judd, Charlotte, and I headed down to the Davises' for a weekend at the lake. We were lucky to have summer-like weather on Saturday. This allowed Charlotte to have her first boat ride. Her grandmother ran out to WalMart to purchase an infant life jacket. According to Uncle Frank, Charlotte looked like she was in a koozie. The poor child really is tolerant, she'll put up with almost anything, including the funny hat I made her wear in an attempt to keep the sun out of her eyes. She seemed to enjoy the boat ride, she slept most of the time.

Charlotte also met her Great-Aunt Tricia and Great-Uncle Winston, as well as their daugther Amy, her husband Michael, and their son Michael. Here is a picture of Charlotte with Tricia and little Michael (isn't he gonna be a heartbreaker!).

Here are a couple other pictures from the weekend:

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