Saturday, March 8

First Plane Ride

Charlotte took her first plane ride on Friday to visit Grammie and Grandad. The week leading up to the trip, I put her in the Baby Bjorn a lot to do stuff around the house. I had decided that it would be easier to get her through the airport in that, rather than take the car seat and stroller. It turns out that she really likes to be in it. It made getting through the airport much easier.

We got to the airport about 8:00 am, checked my bag, and headed to security. We were pulled out of the main security line and were sent to a shorter "special assistance" line. We made our way to the gate and were thrilled to see that we had been cleared for a seat. Earlier that morning when we checked the seats there was only 1 seat available - so I was a little nervous we wouldn't make it on.

When I boarded the plane and sat in the first row, the flight attendant said "Oh Good, you're sitting in the front so I can help you!". That relaxed me to know she was on my side. She helped me by getting the diaper bag down during the flight, etc. I was most nervous about take off and landing. I was told to have Charlotte either eating or sucking on a pacifier during that time so her ears would adjust. She took a bottle during take off and took the pacifier during landing and slept the whole time in between. I couldn't have asked for a better baby. When we got there, Mom was waiting for us. It was a really good first experience. Let's just hope that the way home is just as good!

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