Friday, March 14

Is 6 weeks really magical?

In all of the books I've read, every one of them says that at 6 weeks babies have a turning point. They begin to sleep more at night, eat less during the day, start to have social smiles, and begin to be less fussy. Well, I think that it may actually be true. Charlotte did not have a fussy spell last night, is starting to eat every 3 or 3.5 hours rather than every 2, and SHE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT LAST NIGHT!! She had about 3.5 ounces of milk out of a bottle around 9pm last night, sucked on her pacifier til 11pm when she went to sleep - and she didn't get up until 7am this morning. I didn't sleep that great from 4am on because I was just waiting for her to wake up. I actually missed her last night and the cuddling we do at night.

I guess my grandmother was right, she said that when she slept through the night, I would be up worrying that she was ok. I worry when she sleeps, I worry when she doesn't sleep. I worry when she eats often, I worry when she doesn't eat often. I worry when she poops a lot, I worry when she doesn't poop a lot. I worry when she cries all of the time, I worry when she doesn't cry. When is the magic turning point for moms and their worry?

I'm not getting too excited yet about this new sleep pattern as it was only one night - but it would be soooo nice if she did this at least a couple nights a week.

As far as smiling goes, she has begun to smile a little bit socially. We don't see one everyday, but we have each had at least one smile aimed at us. Yesterday evening Judd was holding her and sticking his tongue out at her. Every time he would stick his tongue out, she would open her mouth and try to stick her tongue out. A couple of times she actually did. It was really cute. I was glad that they had that time last night because all week she had been really fussy in the evenings when he got home. He was starting to get a little frustrated. He's taking the day off today to spend some time with her and so we can spend a little time, just us, as a family.

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Al & Nina said...

I can't believe she slept through the night!! That is wonderful. I hope the three of you enjoyed your day today. Nina