Saturday, March 1

One Month Old (Sniff, Sniff)

Yes, I am a little sad that she is 1 month old today. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited and proud that we did it - we made it through the first month. But I am a little sad that this day is here and yet another milestone is passing us.

It would have been so much harder without all of the help and support that Judd and I had. I am so thankful for Judd - he's a wonderful, supportive husband and a fabulous father. He has been helpful around the house, helpful with the baby, and really supportive of breastfeeding.

Here is her one week picture and her one month picture taken today...she's really changed.
One WeekOne Month

Aunt Rachel got here yesterday afternoon after an eventful trip. She sat next to a man with a hook hand on the plane, then saw two gay guys break-up on MARTA. Then, on our way home from the Decatur MARTA station, we were held up on the road outside our house by a man driving down the middle of the road in his electric wheelchair.

Charlotte is sleeping soundly on Aunt Rachel's shoulder right now :)

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Al & Nina said...

I can't believe how fast the first month was. She is suce a sweet and beautiful baby.
I'm so pleased that aunt Rachel is here spending some time with her. Nina