Wednesday, March 19

Shower at IBM

Yesterday, some of my co-workers threw me a shower at the IBM office. It was so nice. Dorothy "Candy" Sherburne has been so generous throughout my pregnancy and since Charlotte has been born - I think she has single handedly clothed the child. :) She decorated with fabric that goes with the theme of Charlotte's nursery. She also made all of the food for the shower - above and beyond the call of duty. She made 3 different kinds of sandwhiches, a big bowl of fresh fruit, and cupcakes. It was a great turn out and everyone was very generous.

Charlotte was a doll the entire time, she was passed from person to person and never seemed to mind. When my manager, Carol, smiled at her, her whole face lit up with a big grin.

I thought it was great that so many men came! This is my favorite picture, 2 of these guys work from home, but came into the office for the shower. So nice!

Here is one of Candy and Dave with Charlotte:

One day, she'll be a little more active while her presents are being opened:

Thanks Everyone!!

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