Wednesday, April 9

BOB, the new man in our life

Charlotte and I went for our first run with BOB this morning. BOB is our new jogging stroller that Judd and I bought when Charlotte was born. The name of the brand is B.O.B. We bought the car seat adapter to go with him so we could begin using the stroller immediately. He is wonderful. BOB is so easy to control. He is very easy to turn and has great shocks so he doesn't bounce Charlotte around too much on the bumpy sidewalks. Up until today we had just used him for walking. Today I decided to see how hard BOB is to run with. I was having a hard time running 3 miles by myself - it was really hard to push and extra 40 lbs (23lbs for BOB+ 12lbs for Charlotte + 5 lbs for the carseat) and run 3 miles. But, I made it. Charlotte talked to me for the first half and then slept. All and all it was a good experience and I think we'll definately be runnng buddies from now on!

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