Monday, April 28

Diapers & Pineapple

We had a very busy, but very nice weekend this past weekend. Saturday we went to the Inman Park Festival. We got there around 12:30, found ourselves a nice shady seat and delicious barbecue sandwiches. The Inman Park Festival is my favorite festival because of it's parade. The parade always has some crazy characters in it:

Including a very scary tooth fairy: (that is a molar hat on his head)

About 2 minutes into the parade, we realized we had forgotten how loud a parade can be. Poor Charlotte was sitting in the BOB with her little fists clenched. I tried to cover her ears, but that didn't really work. So, we started to head back to the car not long after the parade started. At the car I changed her diaper and put on her cute little dress to go meet her first friend, Cooper.

Allison and Michael invited us to their house Saturday night. On the way up to their house we stopped at Costco because we had a few minutes to kill. As usual, we bought very random things there. One pineapple and a book.

Allison and Michael also invited Ashley and David. Ashley and David have a son, Cooper who is 1 week older than Charlotte. It was a lot of fun seeing them together. Neither one really paid much attention to each other, though. I'm not sure what we thought they would do, maybe break out into a round of patty-cake - but they barely noticed they were in the room together. Except Charlotte did take a little peak:

Allison and Michael have a beautiful home up in Suwanee that they moved into this past winter. I think their master bedroom closet is bigger than Charlotte's nursery. I am extremely jealous of the storage that they have. Al has also done a really good job decorating the place. Dinner was great - it was a nice, relaxing evening.

Sunday I took Charlotte to have her 3 month pictures taken with Melissa. She was a very good girl, gave us plenty of smiles. I can't wait to see how they turned out. Then, Sunday evening we had our new neighbors over for dinner. I was pretty beat by the end of the weekend, so was Charlotte.

This morning Judd kissed me goodbye and headed down to the car to leave for work. I heard him come back into the house. I went downstairs and he was holding a pineapple in one hand and a dirty diaper in the other. Ooops. I guess we forgot to clean out the back of the car Saturday night. So, he drove to work in a car that smelled of diapers and pineapple.


Sara said...

Absolutely hilarious! I got this mental image of Judd's disgusted face with a diaper in one hand and pineapple in the other. And, I loved Charlotte's little peak. How was the first day of work?


Terri said...

cool pics, man!