Monday, April 14

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny...Bikini

We made it down to the Keys on Saturday. We ended up booking a sky miles ticket late Friday night as all of the flights looked to be oversold on Saturday. We left Atlanta around 10:30 and landed in Miami around 1pm. We rented a car and began the drive down Route 1 to Key Colony Beach. We had to stop a couple of times to feed Charlotte and feed ourselves, but she was a very good girl the whole trip. She didn't make a peep through the airport or on the plane. She did lose it for a little while when we were on Route 1. It took us about 45 minutes to go 3 miles because of a draw bridge. I ended up sitting in the back with her and entertaining her the rest of the way - that actually seemed to work to calm her down. We stopped at Robbie's to feed the tarpon as one of Charlotte's eating stops.
We got to the house around 4:45. The house is located in Key Colony Beach off of mile marker 53. Key Colony Beach is this little city (they have 5 police men) that is made up of a lot of canals. The house is very nice and right across the street from a private beach, Inch Beach. Our rental package included passes to this beach. When we got here, Judd went to the store and got some food for us as well as a cheap pack and play that Charlotte can sleep in.
Sunday morning we got up, Judd made coffee and we went out on our front porch and watched all of the morning walkers while we ate breakfast and drank our coffee. Charlotte slept for 45 min or so while we did this. Then we took a little walk around Key Colony Beach to check it out. We ended up going to the beach for an hour or so later that morning - Charlotte didn't like putting her toes in the water, but she did like sleeping in BOB on the beach.
Not sure what we have planned for today. We are having our coffee and breakfast now on the porch while I'm poaching Internet from the condos across the street. :)


Allison D said...

She is such a bathing beauty! THat bikini is a hoot!

Hope you guys enjoy your vacation. You deserve a nice break!

Sara said...

She is really a Beach Baby! Hope she gets used to putting her little piggies in the ocean, since I know it won't be her last time to visit the Keys. It sounds as if you are having a WONDERFUL time. Just the right spot for your first vacation as a family.

Aunt Sally said...

I can't believe she let you dress her up in that get up and take her picture!!! One day she might kill you for this picture posted on a blog for everyone to see. I'm glad you're having a great time and enjoying your family vacation. Maybe your 2nd family vaca can be to Baltimore,MD to eat crabs. :P HAVE A GREAT REST OF YOUR VACATION

JENNIFER said...

Are Mike and Al your gay friends?

Carrie Davis said...

No, Mike and Al are not my gay friends, nor are they Mike Austin and Al Davis. I have a friend Allison and she's married to a Michael :)

Unknown said...

I was beginning to wonder about the Mike and Al thing, too. I couldn't exactly see my dad and Mike sitting around responding to blogs together. This makes me feel so much better.