Thursday, May 1

3 months

2 months3 months

No doctors appointment at 3 months, so I don't have any stats. She is such a good baby. She is really trying to roll over now. It seems that every time we put her down she is rolling over onto her side, then gets very frustrated because she can't get all the way over.

She had a little story time with Dad tonight...she just LOVES her Dad. She and Judd had a 10 min conversation the other night. Judd would babble to her, then she would babble right back to him.


Terri said...

cute, cute, cute... and keep up with that story time! Granted, it took 18 mo, but Jackson actually feel asleep during his bedtime book, and I thought that was absolutely adorable b/c kids are always doing that on tv! :)

Al & Nina said...

Love the pictures. Good to see you are staring Charlotte off right by developing a love of books. Nina

Sara said...

The absolute dearest picture of Judd and Charlotte! One to treasure always. The relationship between a Dad and a daughter is SO very special.