Monday, June 2

4 months


Weight: 14 lbs 12 oz - 75%
Length: 24.5 inches - 75-90%
Head: 16.25 inches - 50-75%

Sorry, these aren't very good comparison pics...

3 months4 months

But, it's getting harder to get her to be still:

She had a good doctor's appointment this morning. She is no longer wheezing and seems to have a little less congestion. We had a rough night last night - she was up at 1:30 and 4:30 with horrible coughing. I fed her both times, and got spit up on both times. I think her body was trying to rid itself of some of the gunk in her chest.

The doctor said she looks like a very normal 4 month old. She said we could start feeding her a little rice cereal and begin fruits and veggies in a month or so. I'm pretty excited to see how she reacts to solids.


Sara said...

She is such a beautiful little girl. What gorgeous pictures. She is very busy. I hope she is able to sleep tonight.


Mel said...

I love the second to last picture and we missed you Saturday night but glad to hear that Sickie is feeling better!

Al & Nina said...

So glad Charlotte is feeling better. I agree with your Mom, she is beautiful!! love, Nina

Meredith said...

I absolutely love her big eyes! She's a beautiful little girl and I'm glad she's feeling better!