Sunday, June 22

Bunny Ears or Fairy Wings?

We spent this weekend at the lake with Judd's family. Judd and I were going to head up to Maine for the weekend with Charlotte for a mini-vacation, but on Thursday night we decided that we were both too tired to take on that adventure. So, we headed to the lake. Emily, Frank, and the girls were down as well. Friday night, Judd asked Lilly what she had been doing so far this summer. Her reply: "I've been a fairy." So, later on in the night she put on her tutu and fairy wings and danced around for us. She has the most amazing imagination. Check out her fairy wings (they look a lot like bunny ears):

Charlotte swam in the pool on Saturday. She sat in a little float that her grandparents bought for her and floated along. Judd and I rode the jet ski for a while on Saturday and we all had some home made peach ice cream to cool off in the afternoon - even Charlotte had a taste. Judd and I slipped out Saturday night to have dinner by ourselves. We are headed back home in just a little while to have a few hours to do some things around the house.

Isn't this just the coolest baby?

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Al & Nina said...

We are so pleased that you came. It was a great weekend. Nina