Wednesday, June 18

Pull Your Weight

This morning I got Charlotte up, fed and dressed. I brought her into our room, laid her on the bed and finished getting myself ready. I mentioned to Judd that he needed to grab a few more diapers for her diaper bag before he took her to daycare. I looked and he had stuck the diapers down the front of her pants in order to not forget them. He told me that it was about time she started to pull her weight around here. Poor thing.


Aunt Sally said...

THAT IS THE FUNNIEST STORY I HAVE EVER HEARD! HE should quit DELTA and go into comedy. I laughed out loud in my office when I read this posting.


Emily said...

Judd is crazy. I hope ya'll have a great weekend. We will be at the lake again because Frank has a show. Anyway, give Charlotte a hug from us.