Monday, June 9


That's what southern belle's do, they "glisten". This weekend there wasn't a single southern belle glistening - they were sweating. It is HOT down here. This weekend was Virginia Highland's Summerfest. We didn't bother going. It just seemed too hot to take the baby down there. It would have been a lot of trouble to walk around and look at all of the same artists we saw at the Inman Park festival. I'm sad we didn't go, though - I do LOVE a festival.

Saturday morning, I fed Charlotte around 7am. Judd took her after that and I got to sleep until 9am!! We decided that we would each get a day on the weekend to sleep in. I can't tell you how much this means to me. It may seem small to a lot of you, but I have only had 3 days since she was born that I have slept until 9. I can now look forward to one morning a week.

Sunday we went to church. This was the first "normal" Sunday we have attended since she was born. She went to the nursery, and Judd and I went to the service. Saturday night Judd and I reminisced over dinner about growing up. For us, going to church wasn't an option. We woke up on Sunday mornings knowing that we were going. What a gift our parents gave us by doing this. I know that there were Sundays they woke up and didn't feel like going. I'm sure my sisters and I (in fact, I remember) whined and moaned about going. But, they got us up, dressed us, and drove us to church every Sunday. (a few exceptions, of course, vacations, etc)

Judd and I then realized that it was our responsibility to give Charlotte that same upbringing. It hit me that this is a big responsibility. It also means that we need to become much more involved in our church, so she will see that and become an active, involved child in the church. I'm starting with a bible study 6 Mondays this summer. It is a group of young mothers, or mothers of young childern. I'm excited to get to know more moms in the community I live in.

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Al & Nina said...

We are very proud of both of you as you parent Charlotte. Love, Nina