Monday, June 30

Trip to PA

Last Thursday, Charlotte and I flew up to visit my parents in Mechanicsburg, PA. We had a little bit of a rough night on Thursday. We tried for the 6:30 flight, and didn't get on that. So, we waited around for the 8:10 flight, which didn't actually leave until 8:45. Poor Charlotte didn't go down for the night until 12:30am, which is VERY late for her. She was an amazing baby, though - not one tear the entire time.

Friday I worked from my parent's house while they watched Charlotte. Later that afternoon we went to run a couple of errands and to visit my Grammie. She absolutely adores Charlotte. When Charlotte is in the room, that is all Grammie can pay attention to. We walked her around the building showing her off to various old ladies.

Saturday I caught up with a good friend, Adrienne, and her husband Tom. I have known Adrienne since middle school. We don't talk that often, and see each other about once a year, but when we get together it isn't hard to get back into the groove - she's just one of those friends. She is pregnant with her first (it's a girl!) and due late September. She looks fantastic! (and very tall - I don't think I was wearing heels like that in the 3rd trimester!)

My newly engaged sister Rachel was visiting for the weekend as well. We celebrated her engagement with her finacee and his family on Saturday evening. Sunday we went to church, then Charlotte and I caught the 3:40 flight back to Atlanta. Charlotte did not have a stellar performance on the flight home. She is such a wiggle worm. She cannot be still, she is ALWAYS moving something. I didn't have a seat open next to me, and she was not happy confined to my lap the entire flight.
When we got home, she took one look at Judd and cried. Then, she realized who he was and got this huge smile and laughed out loud at him. He was thrilled. I was happy to come home to a clean house. Judd had done all of the normal weekly cleaning on Sunday.
Here's another picture from the weekend. Dad, Charlotte, and I decided to wear the same color on Saturday. (It wasn't planned, just happened).


Allison D said...

Rachael is engaged?! WOW! Congrats, Rachael.

Sounds like a fun trip home. Charlotte is such a trooper.

Rebecca said...

You are so brave to take her on a plane by yourself! Are you originally from PA? Josh is from Langhorne (outside of Philly) - I have no idea how close or far that is from Mechanicsburg. Glad the trip went well!

m said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! Glad Charlotte was good for you - at least on the front leg.

Al & Nina said...

Congrats to Rachel!! Great news.
Looks like you and Charlotte had a wonderful weekend. I know your family was thrilled to have you girls home. Love, Nina