Wednesday, July 30

Baby and Me

I have been inspired by some photography blogs lately. There are some photographers that take a picture a week with their children for 52 weeks. Some people are incredibly creative. Take a look at this blog for some examples: Crista Acosta.

Today I set up the tripod, put my camera on the self timer mode and snapped a few of Charlotte and me.


Clh03uga said...

Wow...GREAT pictures Carrie! You are really talented in photography!!!

Drena said...

Good shots!

Rebecca said...

Those are beautiful!

Sara said...

I really like both of them but, especially, the first one. How did you get you to be in the shadows and the light to be coming on her? They are incredible shots. Keep it up! Can I have a copy of the first?


Meredith said...

Great pictures Carrie! You're definitely inspiring me to take some classes :) And giving me great ideas for whenever I have a little one. Love the blog you posted too... very cool!