Friday, August 1

6 months

6 months!! Where has the time gone? We had a good doctors visit this morning, Charlotte is a healthy, happy 6 month old. Here are her stats:

Weight: 17 lbs 5.5 oz - 75 %
Height: 27 " - 90%
Head: 17" - 50-75%

As of 6 months, Charlotte is:

  • Babbling. Lots of "Da da da", "ba ba ba", "ma ma ma".
  • Sitting. For about 30 seconds at a time, then she falls over. She doesn't seem to be too interested in the concept.
  • Scooting. She is pulling herself along the floor to just about anywhere she wants to go.
  • Laughing. Especially at her dad.
  • Smiling. All of the time, she's very happy.
  • Sleeping. About 12 hours at night - for the last 4 nights those 12 hours have been consecutive!!
  • Eating. She is now eating Stage 2 foods twice a day.
Here is the comparison picture. 5 months on the left, 6 months on the right.


Sara said...

Can't believe she is 90% for height! She's going to be a model. She looks a lot different than last month. Just don't know how she can be growing so fast. And she has TWO bandaids :(


Al & Nina said...

Poor Charlotte, did she get TWO shots today? I'm pleased to hear that everything went so well with her check-up. She is such a sweety. Love, Nina

Luis Benitez said...

12 hrs a day?? we are so jealous... We got 10 consecutive hrs once and that was it.. :(

Now we get 4.5 hrs - feed and then 4-5 more hrs. Charlotte looks beautiful. !!