Sunday, August 3


That one word sums up this weekend so far. Yesterday, Judd and I cleaned out and organized our garage. Our garage is the place we keep everything that we don't know what to do with. So, after a year it begins to look like a disaster. We are embarrassed to have people walk through it. After much procrastination, we went to the home organization section of Lowe's to buy some shelves, hooks, etc. We came home and began cleaning and organizing. The garage looks fantastic, but I think we both lost a gallon of sweat in the process. Now we know why most people do cleaning in the Spring.

Last night we went over to Erin & Dave's for dinner. While we were there a huge storm came through. Dave & Erin's lights flickered, but they never lost power. When we got home around 8, we were greeted by a dark house. Our power was out. We pulled out the flashlight, put Charlotte to bed and settled into the couches in the living room. I thought the power would be back on in an hour or so - the Georgia Power website said the estimated restore time would be 10:30pm. After an hour, the power was still out. 10:30pm came and went, we were still in the dark. I started to get nervous about the 125 oz of breastmilk in the freezer. Our neighbors are out of town, and I have a key to their house. I saw their porch light was on - so I went to put my breastmilk in their freezer. We went through the night without any power, it was about 80 degrees in our bedroom. I worried about Charlotte overheating the entire night, I think I checked on her 3 or 4 times. This morning we decided to go get breakfast and sit in the air conditioning. When we got home the power was on!!! We take air conditioning for granted...nights like last night reminded me how lucky I am to have it!


Sara said...

Yuck! It's funny it went out when we talked about it last week. How nice to have the neighbors' fridge. Glad it came back on. You must feel so good to have the garage cleaned out.


Drena said...

Adam and I were playing a game a few weeks ago and you basically must agree on a decision to a question. One of our questions was if we would rather have electricity of running water. We picked electricity knowing this meant we would have to use the bathroom outside and shower elsewhere. Thankfully we don't have to do that, but we decided we used air, internet, tv, fridge, etc. much more than water. :) Sorry you guys had to go a night without it!

Rebecca said...

Yuck - that stinks! I'm glad your power wasn't off any longer than it was.