Thursday, September 11

One Year Ago Today...

I remember waking up that morning very nervous knowing that I had to wait until that afternoon to see the doctor. Judd met me at the doctor's office, we checked in, and then we were ushered back to the ultrasound room. After the ultrasound technician smeared some cold goo on my stomach, she moved the wand around. On the screen we could see our baby. This was our first ultrasound, the first chance we had to peek into the life of our child. Judd and I just looked at each other in awe. I'll never forget the look on his face - fear, love, and shock all in the same expression. A few seconds later she told us we were having a girl. We were thrilled.

The technician began to count the chambers of the heart, look at her brain, lungs and abdomen. When she was finished she said we had a baby that seemed to be developing normally. Judd and I both let out a big sigh of relief. She handed us our baby's ultrasound pictures - the first of many pictures.

What a difference a year can make. That same baby, the one floating around in my stomach, barely any fat on her bones, laid in my lap this morning. She now has plenty of fat on her bones. She still continues to grow and develop normally. The conception and birth of a healthy baby is truly a miraculous event. Judd and I are so thankful for the wonderful blessing we have in our life, our baby girl Charlotte.


Allison D said...

Oh, how quickly a year goes by! It is so fun watching Charlotte grow and learn new things. SHe is such a darhling cutie!

Sara said...

You are so blessed with your little girl-our whole family is! We are very proud to be her grandparents and thankful to her for giving us that new role.