Thursday, October 2

8 months

Charlotte was 8 months yesterday. This was the best picture I could get with her "sitting" on the blanket (you'll notice there is a corner of it in the left portion of the image). Yes, that is my lens cap in her mouth. I probably could have tried to get a better picture, but we were both pretty close to losing it.

But, I guess that pretty much sums up her 7th month - the month of mobility. The child. is. everywhere. I am no longer able to get ANYTHING done without fear of her cracking her head open or falling down the stairs, or both.

This month she:
  • found the need for speed, she crawls really fast
  • began to protest (that is a mild term) when you take something away - most of the time this is something that she shouldn't have - like an electrical cord.
  • has become very attached to me.
  • pulls up on anything taller than she is.
  • cruises from object to object while pulled up.
  • is developing a little personality that I love, but am a little afraid of. (she seems to be pretty strong willed and lets her needs be known)
  • is almost weaned, she is drinking mostly formula.
  • has made my eyes well up with love for her over and over again.


Sara said...

Our family has been given a most wonderful gift in this amazing child! I thank God for her everyday.

Al & Nina said...

She is a joy!!! Nina