Tuesday, October 21

I Love D.C.

This week I am in Washington D.C. I was invited to speak at a conference. My presentation was on Monday, so now I get to sit back and relax for the rest of the week. I have attended different sessions at the conference and networked with people in my field.

I just love D.C. Yesterday I was walking across the street to get a sandwich, I looked to my right and there is the dome of the captial. The sky was bright blue and the captial was just gorgeous. The city is full of beautiful monuments. They are especially beautiful at night. The lights hit them in all of the right places. At times it really takes your breath away.

Tonight the conference host rented out the Natural History Museum. So, there were only about 400 of us walking around. It was incredible. I saw the Hope Diamond while eating a chocolate truffle - what more could a girl ask for?

About 2 years ago, I worked in D.C every week for about 8 months while working on a project for the Department of Defense. While I hated being away from Judd, I did love coming to D.C. There is just a vibe I feel here. Even though I am not the most political person, I love the fact that just a few blocks away the president is having a meeting.

I have missed Charlotte and Judd quite a bit. I think this is the longest I've been away from Judd in a year. (that is incredible considering we spent the majority of the first years of our marriage apart) From what he's told me over the phone, he's doing a fantastic job with Charlotte. I think he even said, and I quote, "It is kinda fun being the one responsible for her." I'm really happy it is going so well...maybe now I can go away on a girl's weekend??


Luis Benitez said...

I'm in DC too!!!! (You should use Dopplr :) ).. anywho.. dinner on Weds night ?

I'm working at 1850 I St NW and staying nearby. Email/ping me...

Allison D said...

Girls weekend is in order!

Glad things are going so well!

Mollypants said...

Ahhhhh!!! I saw that you were going out of town on your blog before, but it looks like we were in DC at the same time! I was there for a couple of days and had a blast - it was beautiful weather, huh? Wish I had known, would have been nice to get together, I'd have bought you a no-longer-breastfeeding celebratory beer.

Mollypants said...

oh, wait...I just re-read that. If you're still going to be there this weekend (I assume you probably won't, seeing as how it's a work trip), I'm going to be down there Saturday evening/Sunday. If you're there, give a holler and we can go have brunch at my newest favorite spot, where Dick Cheney's motorcade passes twice a day. It's quite amusing to see 5 jet-black SUV's pass with machine-gun-toting secret service agents on the running boards pass by - all for ONE person's commute!
Let me know if you need ideas of how to pass the time - I grew up going to DC, I love it.