Monday, November 10

Baby Showers and The Law

I'm not sure where this past weekend went. It flew by really fast.

Friday Judd got home before Charlotte went to bed - first time all week! He gave her a bath and put her to bed. Friday night was his night to get up with her if she cried, and Saturday morning was my morning to sleep in. Charlotte (the little stinker) slept through the entire night until 7 am Saturday morning! That is amazing for her - usually she's up at 6 - 6:15 am. Of course this happens on Judd's night. (Saturday night she was coughing from 1:30-2:30 - when it was my night.) After he got her up they went to get bagels and coffee. Saturday we just hung out around the house. This is how I found her at one point in the day after she had been playing with her Dad.

We were supposed to go to Jennifer D's on Saturday night to see her house and hang out. But, Charlotte was pretty cranky and seemed to not feel very well, so we ended up staying home. I knew there were going to be a couple of other kids there and didn't want to pass germs along.

Judd went to the grocery store while I put Charlotte to bed. I came downstairs and saw blue flashing lights in front of the house. I looked out the window and saw someone was pulled over. Then I looked closer and saw that it was our Jeep that was pulled over, and then saw that Judd was the driver! I walked outside and asked what he did wrong. Turns out he hadn't come to a complete stop at the intersection in front of our house. He was furious when he came in. I thought it was kinda funny.

Saturday night we watched "I Am Legend". This movie was one of the freakiest movies I have ever seen. I tend to stay away from anything that is rated R, especially if it is rated R for violence. I picked "I Am Legend" because I like Will Smith, and it was rated PG-13. This movie is pushing the envelope for PG-13. I don't think I would ever let my 13 year old watch this. I had to watch TV for an hour after it was over just so I could get those "people" out of my head. Then, Charlotte wakes up at 1:30 and I have to walk through the dark house by myself. It really tested my bravery :) (Yes, I'm a huge wimp)

Sunday, Renee Frisbee, Ashley Wells, and I hosted a baby shower for Allison Dawson. It was a great turnout, beautiful day, and she got some very thoughtful gifts for little baby D.


After the shower, I took Charlotte's temp because she had been coughing all day, sounded like she was wheezing, and felt pretty hot. Her temp was over 102, so we called the doc. They said to give her a breathing treatment to see if that helped her. We gave her a treatment and the nurse called us back. She asked me to put the phone up to Charlotte's mouth, then she said that she was still wheezing and thought we should bring her in. We ended up at the CHOA Immediate Care clinic on Satellite Blvd. Charlotte wasn't acting any differently, just didn't sound very good. She smiled and waved at all of the nurses and was quite the celebrity. I think 4 different people said, "Bye Charlotte" on the way out. I know they were all thinking, "Those parents are crazy, that child is acting just fine." She hasn't had a sick day yet that has kept her from smiling. She does have bronchitis and her ear infection has not improved. So, we have a stronger antibiotics medicine now. I kept her home from day care today. She has slept for about 4 hours today between both naps. Her coughing has decreased quite a bit. She is still wheezing slightly when she breathes, but is still a happy girl!


Drena said...

hope she gets better soon and thankful you have a happy sick baby! Very lucky!

Sara said...

So sorry she is having trouble shaking this thing. Hopefully, she will be better soon. She is such a sweetie! It must be one nasty cold.

Love ya,

Rebecca said...

Poor Charlotte - hope she feels better soon!