Wednesday, November 5

O is for Obama

Nope, not really. :)

I have been debating about whether or not I wanted to blog about the election. I'm not a political person. I have never felt confident about my ability to know the issues inside and out. I even debated whether to vote or not because I just wasn't so sure about either one of the candidates. But then I thought about all of the men and women in the past that fought for me to vote, and the fact that as a woman I couldn't vote until 1920, and I decided to vote.

I felt like I needed to blog about this election because history was made and I want to document my thoughts. Can you believe that just 54 years ago the Supreme Court had to tell schools that black and whites could attend the same school and now we have an African-American president? It truly does prove that anything is possible. I did not vote for Barack Obama, but I am happy that someone from humble beginnings can work hard enough to become president. I pray that he will lead our country in the right direction. He has promised change, I hope that it is change for the better.